Wednesday, June 22, 2011

750+ Words

Sometime ago, maybe around Christmas, I found this web site that was for aspiring writers to just dump their thoughts at the beginning of the day. Upon waking from the wonderland of slumber you would amble on over to your computer and just write .. write anything for about 750 words. Then it became a challenge to see how many days in a row you could go. It was great fun while it lasted. I would pour out my dreams as I had almost instant recall that early departed from them. I ran into some problems with the actual content of the dump, but that is a story that does not need telling...but I think I will try and just clean it up a bit and spare you all the details of my vivid dreamscapes.

Today was a humdinger and it is not even over. I worked late at the Bucket and watched part of Jimmy Fallon (man I love him) before going to bed. Joe came bursting through the door and asked me where the heck my cell phone was and why I was not answering it! It was charging in the corner. It had turned itself off because I allowed it to get so drained the day before. Seemed that one of the guys in the office who works with him had a solid lead for me concerning my pursuit to join the ranks of Fundraising. So I had to run over there and get all the info and run home and jump on the computer. Whew...

That done I went out to get my three mile run in. It began raining and I was so concerned about my watch! I did not know if it was waterproof, so I sat under a tree for a spell and then braved the heavy rain and made a mad dash for the car. In other words, did not run today, got soaked and the watch is OK.

Checked e-mails. Nothing.

Got ready for my second interview with Kingland.

Not really certain if I want this job, that is a sure thing I will get it.

Went to Best Buy (Not) and tried to demand my money back for this $99 package they sold me along with my new computer. One of the disc's is empty! They would not refund my money explaining to me it included the software for the virus protection and installation. (WTH!) I was refunded $30 for the disc's. I told them I would take my chances with system restore. The more I deal with BB the more I dislike them.

Off to Kroger to hand over my hard earned money. But I did have a slew of coupons which saved me $10! I had to get 10 frozen dinners for Joe-Joe so he can eat when I go to the Lake House (tomorrow) for the annual sibling gathering in eastern TN.

Check e-mails and the HR lady is handing over my resume and appliction to the "talent acquistion team" to assist...what does that mean? Did she really mean assess? What the Heck, it's a foot in the door I never had until today!

Then the MOD guy calls and we set up a meet for Monday or Tuesday. I will finalize tomorrow. Immediately add "Volunteer at MOD as fundraiser" on resume! Boy, I'm devious sometimes.

I'm making chicken and dumplings and slow cooking a pork tenderloin BBQ also for Joe while I am away. The Chick-n-dump is for me.

Nothing else has aggravated me today.

But it's still rather young.

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Jon said...

Strangely enough, my mind is completely empty when I first wake up. I don't start thinking properly until some time way after noon.
Best Buy used to be good MANY years ago, but lately they've gone crappy.
Hey, will you invite me over for dinner?