Sunday, December 26, 2004

Very Merry Christmas

KITTY AND ZORRO Dublin, Ireland MAY 2004

Sitting here this morning reading journal entries I realized I had not posted a MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE shout out!  How unthoughtful of me!

Actually, this has been the most screwed up Christmas ever due to the weather in the Cincinnati area where Zorro is stuck. He missed his families celebration Christmas Eve.  I went with his three children.  We spent most the evening realizing the life of the party was missing!

Bridget and her boyfriend Scott came over and received their gift  (B's father and I went in together and got them a Dell computer!!!!).  Then left to have Christmas eve with his family.

Christmas Day I woke up, packed up and headed North.  It is true! Love leaps over any barriers! 

I hauled his butt home this morning and he is sleeping on the couch right now. We go to my Mom's in about an hour for the celebration for my side of the family. 

I think I try and play it off, that I am so tough and so together that I can handle him being anyway for extended periods.  I am feeling so at peace right now, with him asleep on the sofa with the remote control clutched in his fist.  It is a wonderful Christmas with him home.

Kitty, my Aunt we visited in Ireland, sent a Christmas card...she is expecting us girls (me and my two sisters) this early spring!  Can you imagine!  A trip with three of "us"! 



sistercdr said...

A late Merry Christmas!  I hope the new year is a wonderful one for all of you.

mlraminiak said...

Yep...the best Christmas present is the "other half" asleep on the sofa.  Have fun with the rest of your celebrations.  Lisa  :-]

yakima127 said...

What a wife!  Way to go...hauling his butt home!  Sorry he missed the celebration, though...JAE

chasenkids said...

Sorry he missed the celebration!  But man you are an awesome wife!


greyhoundloner03 said...

Awww, we knew ya' weren't THAT tough...(and he's a cutie)...glad everything worked out. You have a good thing, makes me happy (weird as that may sound) to know all is well with my JL friends.



suzypwr said...

Poor Zorro. Sounds like you had a nice holiday! Let's see, send out the cards, wrap presents, haul Zorro's ass home, let the dog in....xoxo

mrccgoody said...

Merry Christmas!...I agree, this Christmas was extremely strange, with the mom's SUV was in heavy rotation this past week ferrying my various family members around town, since all the regular cars (like mine) were stuck...the trip with you three girls this spring sounds wonderful!

redhdka said...

I'm glad he's home. I want a dell. Pretty please? Mine is old. LOL Merry Christmas!

my78novata said...

awwwww sorry for your messed up christmas. That is sad. So many had that troubel. I just really hate that for you. Man that pic of them i short sleeves LOL WeLL sure not short sleeve weather here is it LOL

dcmeyer420 said...

Who would have guessed you are Irish and Catholic? Not making fun of you, I am both. I would love to go to Ireland but the darn kids want to go to Japan this summer. Maybe I can still change their minds.

mcjerseygiri said...

I had checked out your journal several months ago and liked it. Went back a few weeks ago and noticed you were suddenly married! My dream is to take my husband go to Ireland. NO relatives there, they all immigrated at once. I had open heart surgery myself in Feb and I want to go while I am doing/feeling great. (I am only 50 lol) congratulations on all the good things 2004 brought you. May your marriage be blessed from another Irish Catholic semi newlywed :) Nelle

deabvt said...

Ah!!   Back to Erin!!