Friday, May 26, 2006



We first went north of Tampa to visit my Mother's sister, my Godmother Auntie M. She is a character and I love her dearly. I suppose that with age comes a cantankerous attitude towards certain things. I suppose at my age, I find this quite amusing. At Bridget's age, she finds it disturbing and a bit scary.

I was telling Auntie M about my trip to Kentucky to visit my Mom and the three hour wait I endured on I-75 as they continued to clean up a hazardous waste accident involving several semi's.

Bridget wanted to know what the danger would be.

Auntie M leaned toward Bridget. "You drive over it, go home, park your car, go in the house, begin to prepare dinner and the next thing you know.....BOOM!!!!!!!" Bridget jumped three feet.

We spent two days visiting and Auntie M insisted on taking us to Rogers Christmas House. Actually five Christmas houses each with a different theme. It was interesting and quite pretty, but we were eager to get to the beach! Bridget and I amused ourselves by taking lots and lots of pictures.

As punishment for our lack of interest (from God above) Auntie M decided to turn on the air-conditioning on the 20 mile ride back to her condo. She rolled up the windows and turned on the air...not the conditioning. Like my Mother, Auntie M does not like to waste gas on the real thing.

I worried about Bridget in the back seat and turned to look at her.

She had the window rolled as far down as it would go, about 1/3 of the way, and had as much of her head as she could possibly squeeze hanging out the window.

It was not funny at the time, but hilarious in the remembering.




suzypwr said...

Sounds like a good trip, so far...I bet it gets better!


tc01hm said...

Ok, was the boom you are the car? Sounds as if Auntie M had a good time!

mtrib2 said...

I was going to make a segue about Auntie M. and Kansas and Dorothy calling out for her, but I will restrain myself.   It sure must have been hot in that car for Bridget to have the window down.     I am sure you will both find it refreshing at the ocean and relaxing.      mark

readmereadyou said...

I can't take heat. I would have distracted her and turned it on.....or paid her for the air-conditioning. LOL!


nellemclaughlin said...

One year we went to visit my wealthy Aunt Dolly in Merritt Island. She had central air but refused to turn it on. Her bedroom had a window unit and as we laid in our sweaty sheets, she slept in comfort. I never would go back! The only time I like heat is when I'm baking on the beach!

oceanmrc said...

Oh, this is so nice to get back and find a trip in progress!

am4039 said...

I remember visiting my Aunt in AZ about 10 years ago. It was 117 degrees outside and she had the air on at 90. LOL. Thought we were going to die it was so hot.

onemoretina said...

    Poor Bridget .... I would have had my head crammed into that little open space in the window, too.  I don't do well in the heat, but I suppose that menopause has something to do with it.  At least Bridget has her age going for her ! lol  
    Sounds like the two of you had a good time.  I'm with you, I still get excited when I get to the airport, just from the anticipation.  Although I did have one experience where the my excited sense of anticipation started to boil over into an anxiety attack, however that was the first time I was going overseas, and leaving my kids behind.  Oh, well ..... nothing that a Xanax couldn't fix ! lol   Tina

lisaram1955 said...

Now, that Christmas House thing would have totally enthralled ME...

LOL about the air conditioning.  I don't see how anyone who lives in Florida could exist without it.  

Lisa  :-]  

lightyears2venus said...

This looks more like Sleeping Beauty castle than a Christmas house...?  When we first moved to AZ in 1959 (from Wyoming) and drove toward Phoenix in July, my parents noticed that everyone had their windows up.  They thought the natives must know what they were doing, so we rolled ours up, too. We pulled into a gas station and the attendant noticed that our faces were beet red and set us straight.  (At least this is the family story--I like to think we were smarter than that.)  I just got back from a week there with my Dad (it reached 112) and he had the AC set at 80 the whole time.  Fortunately, his frugality doesn't extend to the car.  When we couldn't find Citrucel at one store, HE suggested we try another...and another and another.  I was willing to drive all over town with that AC blasting.  For some reason this hasn't made the news yet, but  either there has been a run on the stuff in metro Phx area (no pun intended) or there is a serious supply problem.  Finally we settled for Metamucil at the 4th store; boy, those drugstores felt great.  Now that I read another comment about a relative who set it at 90, I feel fortunate.