Monday, May 1, 2006


Naturally, a day late and a dollar short.  Sorry Blogfather.
Just this past Saturday, my daughter and I visited the greatest locally owned Music Shop in Louisville, EAR-X-TACY. A trip to Louisville is incomplete if I miss a visit to this fantastic store. It is friendly, full of used CD's beside  the new stuff. The staff wanders the crammed aisles and actually ask if you need help finding anything. You can find people from all walks of life browsing through the eclectic offerings. The store is housed in an old building, two stories high, with  worn floors  and stuff hanging from the ceiling. Record albums are available for the old school. It is a throw back to the hippie era when everyone wore patchouli and no one wore a bra.
I picked up three CD's......
1) Johnnie A....Sometime Tuesday Morning.  I first heard this guy on Bob and Tom's morning show and then promptly forgot about him. Until I found this album in the Used Blues section. It is fabulous.
2) Ashley MacIsaac.... PRIDE.  He put up his fiddle and locked the case. This album is punk/rock and a total swing of the pendulum from his Celtic stuff. Bridget and I gave it two thumbs up.
3) The Saw Doctors.... The Cure. When I saw them in Cleveland in March they did not have any copies of the new album. Go figure? I have been meaning to order it via their web site, but just have not gotten around to it, I have been so enthralled listening to their other latest album, a New's Year Live Album with a different variation of HAY WRAP and others....I confess, I have not taken the new one out of the wrapper yet.
OH MY GOD!! I just read where the Saw Doctors are going to be in Tampa on May 20th!!!


nellemclaughlin said...

We have a great store like this right by Princeton University. It's called the Princeton Record Exchange. When I needed a copy of the Traveling Wilbury's on CD I knew they would have it. Hard to find things are really costly but they will also buy things at a reasonable rate. Not that I could part with Any of my records.
Rock on!

my78novata said...

wow nice store and great stuff

am4039 said...

I hope you enjoy your new music. Looks like a great store.

gaboatman said...

This place sounds really neat!  I love browsing through the used CD sections in music stores.  I've mined great treasures this way.  Good luck on getting great tickets for the Saw Doctors.

suzypwr said...

What's a bra?