Wednesday, May 3, 2006


My sunglasses, my hoo hoo.

I went into an ice cream parlor yesterday. It had appeared on the top of the "Best Of" list. I had to go try it out and see if it held any credence. I remember distinctly raising my sunglasses to the top of my head thinking, "It's overcast!! You don't need these on". I vaguely remember seeing them on the table top as I ate my ice cream (Moose tracks and mint chocolate chip).

Then I was looking for them as the sun made an appearance later that afternoon. It was very glaring. Very. The sun was desperately trying to hang on as a fast approaching black ominous storm was challenging its authority.

I went through all the usual places. On top of my head. No.

On the sun visor. No.

In my purse. I cleaned my purse out, piece by piece. No.

I quickly made a survey of all the things in the basket in between the bucket glasses.

I pulled the car over, because I was now getting serious and the first twinges of panic were beginning. I went to the passenger door and opened it hoping to find the glasses wedged next to the seat where they would have slipped off. Not there.

I crawled into the back and looked under the seats. Nothing.

It was hopeless. They are lost. I began calling everywhere I had been. I even back tracked to the ice cream store.

They checked under the counter. "Ah, here are some." My heart began to beat faster! She pulled out some funky metal things. I must have looked like I was going to cry because she quickly slid them back under the counter.

"Guess not".

What am I going to do? I love those glasses. I have had them since I lost that other pair last summer. I left them in the back room of a Walmart! I hastened back then, but in a matter of minutes, they were gone.

Damn! Joe does have good taste in glasses. He is going to be very angry that I have yet again lost another pair!! Of his glasses! A pair of  classic Wayfarers this time!

I thank God there is E-bay.

I dedicate this entry to Tina from Ride Along With Me. One of the very first entries I read of hers  was about being un-photogenic. I adore being behind the camera instead of in front of it. I hate looking at myself on film (digital) even though when I do years later I say, "damn I looked good back then".

So this is me, trying to look all black and white for a Round Robin challenge last year...self portrait I think.

Here I am, in all my big nose glory in my gone forever Ray Bans.



nellemclaughlin said...

All my glasses are prescription so when I lose a pair you cannot imagine the panic that ensues. My prescription is extremely thick, to have it made thin, then into sunglasses and then decent frames runs me nearly $500. Six summers ago my husband lost Oakleys while on a waverunner that I insisted he go on. I felt so guilty I replaced them for him. LOL Good luck!

ksquester said...

Oh Mary, I feel your pain. I had to stop buying good pairs because of leaving them in restaurants or restrooms, etc. Funny, once I turned right around from the parking lot and went back inside and they were nowhere to be found. (Bet somebody saw them and got them quickly) Now, I am wearing a wear of Dolce' and Gabanna and I have a pair of Channels also................from the knock off store.   I won't ever be able to lose these as much as I try.   BTW, I love Tina too!    Anne

tc01hm said...

This is exactly why I finally caved in and got transition perscriptions, they stay on my face! LOL!

yakima127 said...

I lost my glasses just a week or so ago...I had them at the convenience store.  I went right back for them, thinking I must have left them on the counter.  Nope.  So I did the whole rummaging through the car act, was just about ready to home, and I found them...on the top of my head!  Was one time I was very glad to be a ditz!!!  Sorry you REALLY lost yours.  I hope you can find another pair before you get in too much trouble with Joe...Jae

sunnyside46 said...

Its a great pic
I had some Ray Bans I found once (oops)

am4039 said...

I'm so sorry about your glasses. I hate losing things. How was the ice cream at least? LOL. Hope you get a new pair soon.

lightyears2venus said...

I hate it when people say oh that's terrible, but fortunately for ME this week I lost my most favorite teeny tiny little silver heart that slipped off the chain down the sink and my husband found it in the trap and then I thought I left my cell phone at the county courthouse on a field trip (would those people standing around in the hallway crying for their relative who just got 20 years turn it in?) but the sweet little old lady school bus driver found it wedged in the seat.  Yeah, I really hate it when people do that.

I seriously hope you get another pair you'll come to love.  Crossing my fingers for you!  Let us know.

ondinemonet said...


Honey I am sorry you lost your sunglasses. It's terrible when a beloved piece fo clothing or favorite accessory decides to find adventure elsewhere. LOL. Love the photo btw...very cool. We sure miss you over at the Round Robins...we have a brand new round ready to go next week. Hint. Hint. :)

Always, Carly :)

readmereadyou said...

Sorry about the glasses. I have a pair now that if I lost, I'd be so ticked-off.
As for photos of myself. It never fails when I take one I hate it but it's exactly how I WILL look in five to ten years. This, I learned from experience.  It's like a look into the future. : )


mtrib2 said...

I see you are doing your best Lou Reed, Andy Warhol, sheik!    I do hate losing things and tell myself never to let it happen again.    I guess that is what working is for is to be able to have an income to replace the items on the necessities list.    If someone buys a new car it loses several thousand value the minute it drives out I am told.   I don't have to worry about that though since I will never afford a new car.    Our generation has no concept of the life involving the Great Depression of the 30's, and what it was like.    Growing up my father remembered it well and felt every dollar must only go for the most important things, because he said: "it could happen again".   One day he came home with a movie camera set up and my mother and sister and I were acting as if being in disbelief that Dad would spend money on an entertainment item.    I am just rambling so I will stop here.    mark

lisaram1955 said...

Let me get this straight...these were JOE'S glasses?  LOL!  Why don't you wear your own?  Afraid you'll lose them?  Lisa  :-]

demandnlilchit said...

I can sooooo relate!!! My poor, poor DH, he made the mistake of asking why I have so many pairs of shoes, "Cuz, I'm a girl Silly man I love shoes!" ok, so why do you have to have som any handbags? "Cuz they have to match my shoes silly man!" How come you have so many pairs of sun glasses? "Cuz I loose at least 4 pair a year, silly man!!" Why do you HAVE to have to much jewelry? Now with this I HAD to pause for a minute, I had to play my cards just right........ So instead of answering his question with an answer, I answered it with a question of my own, "And just how many fishing poles does one, two armed, two handed man really need????"""  ENOUGH SAID! lol lol lol

suzypwr said...

I hate losing things! I hope you find them. I usually leave mine in the car so I don't end up leaving them some place because I don't wear them on my head. I just love the look of someone who has sunglasses on top of their head and reading glasses on their face. A classic look!


indigosunmoon said...

Aw hun,  I'm so sorry your beloved sunglasses
are gone!  I find it almost impossible to find
a pair that look good on my face, and when I do
I am so careful with them!  
I always end up losing them though.  lol

lowis6535 said...

   I AM SO USED TO MISPLACING MY SUNGLASSES that I usually keep several extra pair on hand, anticipating the next ones that go missing.  I am getting better at remembering to check for them before I take off, tho.

ryanagi said...

Ouch...I know this feeling. Mine got lost on the subway. I'd orginally won them out of a claw machine on the boardwalk down on the New Jersey shore. They were classic late 80s hot pink neon. I loved those sunglasses. Even if they were 15+ years out of style.

boiseladie said...

Ahh...  so sorry about your glasses.  Hope you're able to replace them soon.

onemoretina said...

Now, how did I miss this ???  I think you look fantastic in your Ray Bans.  Isn't it awful how you can try to lose something that you don't like, but the things you love disappear with lightning speed ?  I never did get why that happens, but it does, and it's a cruel joke.  Anyway, if I had a cool pic like this, I would put it on my journal site.  Maybe one of these days ......      Tina