Monday, December 8, 2003

Christmas Tree Shopping

I went to the local Kroger store in search of a Christmas tree.  What was left were terrible!  I did not want to climb into the car and travel all over trying to locate that one perfect tree, so I pulled out our weekly local paper and checked the classified ads.

Sure enough, there was one phone number for a "cut your own tree" listed.  We called for directions and went on our way.  We made it a family outing. And  I thought Joe could use the extra help...just in case.

Once we got there, I'm not sure what I expected, but certainly not what we found.  An exotic animal farm!  This gentleman had so many breeds of birds I could not possibly remember every one.  Ducks, peacocks, chickens (who lay blue eggs),  stange looking ostrich's , was remarkable.  All watched over by a beagle named Maude, who was the most gentle animal I have ever met.

We had an extraordinary encounter.  Who knew that in search of a tree, we would have found such a surprise!


chefgracegeorge said...

From Kroger to Noah's Ark. How beautiful!

sonensmilinmon said...

Now that sounds like it became a real adventure in finding the perfect tree.

lotzamoe said...

When I was in high school, I had a made-to-order tree business. People told me what kind of tree they wanted for Christmas and I went and cut one down across town in someone else's yard, brought it back and sold it to them. It worked for a while.

mlraminiak said...

And it looks like you got a pretty nice tree, too! Lisa :-]