Thursday, December 11, 2003

Nonsense in my head

I returned to work this morning because I waited too long to purchase a lottery ticket and they wouldn't let me have one!  Damn it.

I have one nonsense story Actually I have a ton of nonsense stories, but I only choose to tell this one tonight. When the state of Kentucky initiated the lottery way back in 1990 it seemed that the winning numbers were always in the 20's...So I go visit a friend in Florida.  The lottery there was HUGE compared to the money pot in KY.  I was compelled  to play in Florida and I  played a group of numbers in the 20's.

Guess what?  I hit 3 out of 6 numbers and won about $100.  I was at the airport leaving and I was feeling lucky! So I left my friend  two sets of numbers to play for me. He calls me later that week and say's, "I have good new and bad news, which do you want first?"

The good news....I had the pick five. ($100,000)

The bad news, he added a number and played the pick six. It seems in my haste to catch the plane, I scribbled down only five numbers for the second play.  Oh well, money eludes my family, so I'm told.


micheleandres said...

damn! I get in on a group play at work, five bucks each, and we never hit big. But like they say, "you can't win if you don't play." Such is life.

sonensmilinmon said...

I've never won at the lotto ... the only time I've won any money was in Vegas. I played $20 ~ my daily limit and I won $700!!! I was happy ... my kids were happier!!!
Smilin Mon

krobbie67 said...

You're so sweet! I'll be back in action soon. Oh I so hope.

Here's hoping your numbers come in... ;-)

chefgracegeorge said...

[runs to buy Powerball tickets]

jayveesonata said...

Wow, talk about frustrating! Money seems to elude my family, too - so we have that in common....Jon

slowmotionlife said...

Ohhhhh... I'd fall out on the floor and lay prostrate as in DEATH!!! LoL That's horrible!!!

This is why I don't play the lottery. Though I'm always making comments like, "When I when the lottery, I'm going to....."

Great story! :P