Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Trip to the Flea Market

I love junk.  I love to go look for junk.  I have several places that I go when I feel the need. I'll find an auction or estate sale. I'll go to the Goodwill Store or the Salvation Army thrift store. And Yard Sales. Its a shame that I have to work on Fridays, which any authentic collector will tell you, get there early in the morning to find the good stuff.

Another of my favorite places is the Flea Market. Its incredible what you can find there if you have patience and don't give in to the sensory overload. 

preview I really found some good stuff there today! A box of victorian angel ornaments for $7.50.  A Guy Coheleach framed print, Baby Snow Leopard, for $20 (the print alone is worth over $60), the Hop On Pop book I have been looking for, $1.00.  Two baskets, $2.50, and a troll doll (which in the 60's we called Wishnic's) for 50 cents.

I am trying to teach myself cut and paste etc. The pictures should be reversed. I have not mastered it yet. HA! I think it is the computer. HA!

Happy shopping everyone.


krobbie67 said...

You love junk? I open my front door to you. Take what you want. Well, except my gram's china. But the rest you can have. I can't believe some of the useless stuff I've been paying to store the last 5+ years. Help!

mlraminiak said...

Obviously, you have yet to deal with a houseful of junk left behind by deceased parents. Cured me (mostly) of my love for junk! BTW, for someone who thinks she's computer illiterate, you're not doing too badly with the pix! Lisa :-]

chefgracegeorge said...

I'm a junkie too!!!! Just one more reason for us to hang out together!

dymphna103 said...

Great junk. Love it john