Thursday, December 4, 2003

Good for Babies, Brats, and Bikers

For the life of me, I can't get fired up about any subject this evening.  So I just thought I'd reflect on the events of the past few days.

Thank God, my lips went down by Monday morning.

I made a Birthday basket with all kinds of Kentucky food items for Debbie.  I could not resist the B-B-Q sauce featured above...Sissie Sauce. Also included bourbon balls (chocolate delicacy), Jim Beam steak sauce, Weisnenberger Fish Fry Batter Mix, special Bluegrass season salt, Derby black bean soup mix, and Blue Monday candy bars.

Saw a shooting star Monday night while running!

Sat with my Dad while my Mom went to Mass and prayer group.

Bridget came over and "borrowed" Christmas tree lights, and then "borrowed" all my ornaments!

This week end will include Christmas tree hunting and two parades! 

Life is so good.


micheleandres said...

Thanks for stopping by my journal! Your's is great - I'm hooked!

krobbie67 said...

One of my lifelong friends is named Debbie. I get to see her in 16 days - heh one for each year I've known her - when I go to Texas. Woohoo. Don't know who Bridget is because I haven't had a chance to read your old entries yet but she sounds like either a daughter or a sister. LOL Life IS so very good. :-)

garyvp said...

Sorry it took me so long to find your wonderful journal. I'll be a regular now. And, thanks for listing my journal on your site. GVP

writerslive said...

My question is: do you get those ornaments back?

You know, it's funny, I saw a shooting star a couple of weeks ago and I hadn't seen one in years. Here, in the middle of Manhattan, where you hardly ever see stars even, suddenly, there it was, shooting across the sky.

I will take this as a good omen for both of us!

sonensmilinmon said...

Wait, she took ALL your ornaments? Now what do you get?

hapy203 said...

That sounds like a great basket!! Love the Sissy Sauce!!lol

krobbie67 said...

Your words were kind..Thank you. The challenge of going to school and working is unreal but I couldn't imagine what it would be like if I had children too. So, I bow to you. :-)