Sunday, April 4, 2004

Clash of the Titans

While watching the games last night I must admit I had an evil satisfaction in seeing Duke go down at the hands of Connecticut.  I am for whoever is playing against Duke.  I despise them.  I loath them.   There have been many great games between UK and Duke. The most celebrated and remembered?  Regional Final, 1992. 

I was dating Steve and we decided to go the The World Famous Two Keys Tavern to watch the game.  A week prior to that, we had gone to the Metallica concert where Steve, a normally mild mannered God Fearing Christian, was corrupted from the influence of a heavy metal band. (your mother was right)!  If you need the full explanation of what is to follow, read my entry for Feb 9th. 

Two Keys was packed.  Another regional final was being played down the street at Rupp Arena.  Many of the fans of the teams that played the first game were also packed into Two Keys. We were wall to wall, shoulder to shoulder. Steve is not a drinker, but the beer was flowing that evening.  Pitcher after pitcher arrived and was consumed by our new best friends.  I need not describe the game, as it has earned itself accolades as the greatest college basketball game ever played.  That evening, in the tavern on the fringe of the UK campus, you felt it, you knew it.  The roar of the crowd was deafening.  Everyone on their feet cheering and screaming.  Beer mugs held high sloshing beer over the jubilant crowd.

 The next thing I knew, UK had pulled ahead and it looked as if they were going to win the game!  Steve climbed up on a table, and began to chant, "F*** you Duke, F***you Duke", shaking his beer mug at the tv. 

 Suddenly, everyone in the whole Two Keys Tavern began to chant with him , "F***YOU DUKE F***YOU DUKE F***YOUDUKE" 

Then THE shot.  Silence.  Dead silence as people realized what had happened.  Steve was helped down from the table.  People were stunned. Some  actually began to cry in disbelief and horror. 

I took Steve home.  I really had corrupted that man.    


txsguinan said...

...(still chuckling)....That's quite an emotional fan base you have there! Although not a big sports fan myself, the Hubs certainly is, and I recall (just barely) getting caught up in just such extravagantly overwrought 'happenings'...good times ...:)

krobbie67 said...

I remember your Metallica entry. However, I'm wondering as I laugh hysterically at mild-mannered Steve on top of the table chanting, whether it was heavy-metal or YOU that corrupted the poor guy. I guess like the fans that night, he never saw it coming. ;-) Great Entry!!!! I felt like I was there with y'all chanting. :-) ---Robbie

dymphna103 said...

Gosh you are a UK fan. But they have the success on the court. I despise UCONN. john

mlraminiak said...

Lovely story. Was 1992 REALLY twelve years ago? Ugh! Lisa :-]

deabvt said...

`member, alpha, I was there!

yakima127 said...

It seems as though just your presence is quite corrupting, as you are not working really hard to do much OBVIOUS damage to the guy!

sonensmilinmon said...

Out to corrupt huh? LOL

smilin Mon