Tuesday, August 23, 2005

One Perfect Day (part four)

The Midsummer Night's Run and the "Hunky" Brothers

Later that night the 21st annual Midsummer Night's Run was held in downtown Lexington. I could not believe my luck! First the Woodland Art Fair and now the biggest 5K race in Lexington.  It is unusual to hold the race in the evening. It makes for a wonderful change to run down the streets in the dark.

I called Omega to find out if they were going. I have no idea why she has a cell phone, because I can never get her to answer it! So, I donned my running shorts, tied up my running shoes, slipped on my knee brace and I was ready.

My mother took one look at the knee brace and handed me a bottle of.......gasp....Aspercreme!

"Aspercreme is your friend"...."Aspercreme is my new found Best Friend". Why has no one ever told me of this miraculous invention? I slathered it on and I was off.

A good estimate of the runners gathering in downtown would be around 5,000. My sister Omega's husband would be running, as he does every year. It is his only race and he trains for it. His brothers run it with him,along with their children in strollers or on foot, and an assortment of in-laws, which includes me! I began wandering around searching and thinking, "Now if I were the Hunky Brothers...where would I be?" Outside the Blue Martini Bar, naturally! But, I could not find them.(Yes, they were there! On the other side!)

I ambled up to the front of the crowd and just waited.  I knew sooner or later I would catch sight of one of them, as one BIL is about 6-3.  Finally success!!! There they are, hunky as ever.

It was a charmed day, nothing could go wrong. I knew I would find them.

The day had been a cruel 96 degrees, but as the evening rolled in, so did a temperature drop. So, I ran the first mile. Bad idea! Even though the temps were down, the humidity was a killer! I walked the last 2+ miles.

Afterwards I went over to one of the hunky brothers homes where my phone averse sister was parked by the swimming pool.  It was a nice time.

When I went home to Mom's house, I could not fall asleep.  I had been up for almost 21 hours and still I was not one bit sleepy.  The day had been so wonderful. Filled with family, friends and peaches. I was buzzing from the excitement that accompanies a race.  I was happy to be with Mom and Dad.

When a day is that perfect, it is sad to bring down the curtain.


(Omega's husband is second from the right. The photo is from a newspaper article about "hottie carpenter's you know". One of the wives nominated them. They were the feature...natch! They are the Hunky brothers!)


sieblonde said...

I want one of those!   One of the un-married ones of course.   Boy oh boy could I put one of those to work.  ~Sie

sistercdr said...

Do the hunky brothers rent out?  I'd just enjoy watching them.  Have you ever tried MSM/glucosamine cream?  You can get it in health food and herb stores. I just found out about it, and I swear the pain is gone before I finish applying it.

hope5555 said...

I really enjoyed reading the 4 entries about your perfect day. You are a great writer!

madcobug said...

Sounds like a really fun time. Hope your knee soon gets well. Helen

lisaram1955 said...

Mary, I am SO glad you had such a great day.  You really needed to recharge your batteries after the struggle you've had with that stupid job.    

I, too,  have a sister who never answers her cell phone.  I just want to dig it out of her purse and beat the crap out of her with it!  LOL!  Lisa  :-]  

ksquester said...

Mary, You may be a Hoosier, but your heart will always be KENTUCKY!   Anne

ryanagi said...

lol do the hunky brothers do custom shelving and cabnetry? I need some work done. ;-)

txsguinan said...

I want to live in a town whose newspaper features articles about "hottie carpenters you know".  Mine just drones on and on about war, pestilence and politicians, none of whom are hunky.  Trust me.

Such a lovely, perfect day!

gaboatman said...

Thanks for sharing this, Mary.  It sounds like a really great trip you had.  I know what you mean about not wanting a perfect day to end.  Oh, and you are right.  Aspercreme is, indeed, your friend.

cowboyxxv said...

Aspercreme is the wonder cure of the Age! No Burn, no smell, no greasyness, no pain! Like a chiropractor in a tube.
Something tells me you have some home improvements in mind with those Brothers, yes?
I'm enjoying your journal. My Grandfather was born and raised in Kentucky, even had one of those Kentucky Colonel proclamations from a Governor of the State. He was from Glasgow. I've never been but he had great stories of growing up at the turn of the century in Kentucky.

mavarin said...

Love it! - Karen

indigosunmoon said...

What a great entry Mary!!!

sunnyside46 said...

a sexy man with a hammer...be still my heart!

krobbie67 said...

Hunky carpenters indeed! Sounds like a perfect, activity filled day. I'm surprised you didn't crash. :-) ---Robbie