Tuesday, August 9, 2005


Being charged by Medieval Ireland type Rogues from 1000 years ago.

First of all, let me say that we arrived at the Dublin Irish Festival Friday afternoon and stayed till Sunday afternoon.  We saw everthing, and somethings several times.

The Irish Living History Society of Central Ohio endeavors to recreate the daily life of early medieval Ireland 1000 years ago. Metalworking, woodturning, combat and weaponry are just a few of the ongoing demonstrations.

Especially the combat!

We should have been more prepared when the announcer warned us they were going to rush us.

You should have heard the children scream! I knew to back off with my camera. I know all about boys with toys!


yankeygr said...

Oh my, but it sounds like you had a Blast! I would really love to attend something this someday. I dont think we have anything like this where I'm from, but I'll have to check it out. Wouldnt that be funny if we did, and I never knew it?
Anyway, thanks for sharing all this. I cant wait to see whats next!   Rhonda

suzypwr said...

Shoudn't they be naked and blue?

artloner said...

Sounds like a hoot!  (LOL)


mtrib2 said...

Great action photo!  Take care,  mark

mavarin said...

Dang!  I wish I'd known about this when I lived in Ohio! - Karen

mavarin said...

Dang!  I wish I'd known about this when I lived in Ohio! - Karen

mavarin said...

Sorry about the double comment.  AOL is glitchy tonight! - Karen

lisaram1955 said...

Ah!  Good to know you took the ENTIRE weekend to savor the experience.  As I said in my last comment, I could have done no less.  Lisa  :-]  

belfastcowboy75 said...

"I know all about boys with toys!"

Yes, you do. I remember the Addicted to Love series.

deveil said...

these are so cool.  My ancestors were black Irish.