Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sunday Afternoon?

Vodka on  a Sunday Afternoon

It is Sunday, isn't it?  One of the wonderful things about not having to work is that you do not have to keep track of the days.

I do my best thinking (daydreaming) while driving a car. I have not been doing that much lately, so while I was sitting in the sun, reading a novel and sipping on some Apple Vodka and mixer I realized something. I use to do my best thinking while smoking the illegal drug...which I have not done for a long, long time vodka seems to have stepped in and taken charge.

I have been smitten with the illusions of making some good money. If I take that job I will not be happy. I will not like it. I would like the money, for sure. But I would not like the job. I could do it, but I would feel like I was taking advantage of people because I know how to sell.

Selling is an art. I know that it is said good sales people are born...wrong.  It is a science. All you need is confidance and a good product. Added to that, you need to be prepared and anticipate the "objections" or questions. It is a formula that goes like this "What I hear you saying is if I can do this, you will do that" It requires good listening skills and a good questioning techique. (open ended questions).

I should have called this Sales 101.

I am aided with vodka and a realization. I better get that last entry out of here before I get TOS'ed.

Tomorrow if I am offered the job( this is not the food service job I am mulling over, but another)....I hope I have my wits about me to turn it down and stop the dance of BIG MONEY in my head. I would hate it.  Though, I would love it if they offered it to me. I am very competitive and hope I win out over those other applicants. But please, not enough to blurt out "yes" like I did the last time. I knew I did not want that job. I placed a lot of land mines to ensure I would not be offered the job. They were stupid (did I say that out loud) and offerred it to me. And I was stupid ( capital S.) and took it.

Anyway, I like being unemployed. Heck, I don't know what day it is!!!

Oh yes, under the influence of the vodka I was able to get to the heart of the matter. I thought of this. Instead of thinking about writing the "novel" that I  have inside of me, I need to focus on the little stories inside of me. The short story.

It was a revelation.  Of a giant proportion.

(damn not having spell check)




xzasporated1 said...

Here! Here! For Unemployment!  I wholeheartedly concur! Here! Here!

Work sucks.

~~ jennifer, who doesn't know whether to wish you good luck or bad...

mavarin said...

I wondered whether, when you told that off-color story in a job interview, you were trying to sabotage your chances! - Karen

suzypwr said...

Personally, I usually figure out the day by holding my mouse over the time....I don't work either. BUT - if you are planning to work in the near future, just keep in mind that it's easier to get a job when you have a job. A job that makes Big Money might buy you some nice things, and keep you busy until you find the job you want. Otherwise, enjoy your leisure. It's a wonderful thing! Maybe you could spend it - learning to read the temperature in Celcius?


nellemclaughlin said...

I think that you might need a bit more time off are enjoying those days SOO much. When it's the right job and time to go back you will know it. I was not sure I would like working part time but I love it. I love the office, the people and I'm not making the big bucks but I am enjoying myself. It's reasonable to want to earn ENOUGH money but at this time in our lives we need to do something that we like and have enough energy left for some pleasure! Good luck. By the way do you ever drink Cosmos? They are the bEST! :)

ahhliving said...

"Instead of thinking about writing the "novel" that I  have inside of me, I need to focus on the little stories inside of me. The short story.

It was a revelation.  Of a giant proportion."

THAT insight is profound. When someone says something, the something you just said, and it stops you and you stare at the words and realize the thought is bigger than most thoughts are, you know you have heard what you needed to hear more than anything else you needed to hear.

It is all the little stories that fashion the big story, not the other way around, and we spend so much time trying to begin the big story, intimidated in beginning the big story, confused on how to begin the big story, when it is all the little stories that wait in earnest to be told.

Very cool thought. However, I believe you give the Vodka way too much revelatory credit. :) Dalene of AHH at

ksquester said...

BEHOLD the joys (and curse) of VODKA!  Anne

my78novata said...

OH man Im not a vodka person but jack is good with me. Hope you get the job that is comfortable with you. That is what hubby is trying to do. Man you have to be comfortable

sistercdr said...

My fave is currant vodka.  Tomorrow think long and hard about saying yes to that job.  When you hate your job, it affects every damn thing in your life, and I think that, especially with salespeople, it can affect the way you see yourself. Sales is definitely a learned skill, and when I realized that I could sell (and sell well), I felt almost guilty (which is one of the reasons why I know I'm messed up).  Your overall life is more important than any job.

ryanagi said...

Enjoy your unemployment. :-)

belfastcowboy75 said...

Mary, it you're selllin', I'm buyin'.  Hey--ever think about selling vodka?

mrccgoody said...

Maybe selling is a science, but I still don't think I could ever do it! You sound SOOO good at it, I really think it is more than just science.  

I haven't been to work since last Tuesday, and I totally last track of my days for a while...until today when I knew I had to go back to work tomorrow. :(

mtrib2 said...

I think that you have things under control.  I am on disability and my pros and cons are of a different nature.  My recent physical therapy sessions were goaled to my being able to sit in a chair for more than 30 minutes.  If I don't exert myself to get the old scar tissue broken down and new tissue formed,  I will continue suffering daily severe chronic pain.  So I strain myself,  and then I have to stop the exercise,  and then heal and start again.  I am making improvement.  On another note.  I having been struggling with the print you commented that you liked and I said it was not up to standard.  One day I concentrated so much, that I was able to produce the print that had been such a challenge.  Now I have that print saved on two computers and will make additional back ups.  My next attempt is to be able to sit and concentrate at my easel and work on a acrylic painting that Journal people have given me photos that I need to add details.  If I don't take medication, I am not able to work and be productive.  It causes me problems as well as helping me to live a more "normal life".   I will let you know how my life is improving.   Take care,    mark

lisaram1955 said...

I generally write my best poetry with a glass or two of wine under my belt.  It seems to help me tap into the emotions that I spend most of my time stuffing...  

Short stories....  Hmmmmm..    Lisa  :-]

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