Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Round Robin Challenge LABOR

THE MEAT MARKET GUY...January 2005 Covington, KY

I had a tough time with this challenge.

Labor Pains.

Labor of Love.

Fruit of my Labor.

The Labor party.

Labor Ready.

Labor Day.

Many years ago, in another life time I worked for the Corporate office of a company that owned numerous Nursing Home Facilites in the state of Kentucky.  Business was so good we decided to purchase a mansion on the east side of Hurstbourne Lane and remodel it into a very cool office building.

Does anyone remember the Diet Coke commercial that featured this fine figure of a man called Lucky? He was a construction worker and at a certain time each day, the girls from the office would gather and wait for Lucky to take his break. The highlight was when Lucky would strip off his shirt and slug back the Diet Coke.

The reason I remember it so well  is that our office did the exact same thing. We were restricted to two rooms on the second floor where we were crammed together. It was not all that bad, there were only six women in the Corporate office at the time. The construction workers were the only reason why we did not revolt.

On any given day, we would run from one room to the next, hanging out the windows to watch them work. We were shameless. There were several Lucky's out there! I wish I had a camera then. Not so much to take pictures of the guys...but to take pictures of those "women" (bunch of  throw back giggling high school girls) to have with me today. I have lost touch with several of them after all these years. Yet, each of us carries with us that summer when it was hotter than hell and we had no air conditioning because we were surrounded by construction...and those beautiful constuction workers.

Update on Omega.  They are stuck in New Orleans and were unable to make it out because they did not have a rental car. They could not fly out either. The hotel they are staying in was fine until the levee broke. They stand  in line for hours to use the single pay phone that is still operating in the Hotel. Omega has reached her place of work yesterday and informed them they may be stuck there for a week. Omega's husband reached his mother today and things are much worse. They are beginning to ration the food.

The Hunky bothers (minus O's husband) are driving down to rescue them.

I don't know how.

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mtrib2 said...

Nice commentary on a former time and place.  I am in a resting mode right now.  I do hours of commenting.  You have such a good journal for promoting these many fine journals.  I need to focus on something that I cannot define right now.  I tend to ramble.  Very best to you and your family,    mark

csandhollow said...

I hope they remain safe.

redhotka said...

I love construction workers too. LOL that's why I'm married to one. I love your memories you tell them with a flare that keeps us captivated.

ksquester said...

May their journey be safe and successful. Anne

mavarin said...

I like the look of that guy - but I'd like to see him working!  

Glad Omega is okay so far.  Maybe the military will evacuate them out to the waiting Hunky Brothers!


belfastcowboy75 said...

Just get Omega out of there. Go you Hunkies.

ryanagi said...

Good luck to the Hunky Brothers in their mission!

krobbie67 said...

I love that picture. You have such a knack for capturing a moment and having a pic tell a story. But, I am bummed out that we don't have "Lucky" pictures. :-D

Glad your sister is okay! Wow! :-)---Robbie

frankandmary said...

I am not too sure I would like to see the guy in the pic stripped down...........

photographybymon said...

I wanted originally to do labor of love ... then other plans took over, and even that got changed!  I love the story and the picture.  You have a way with the camera and the words.


auburndawn said...

Great photo... it has so much character :)  What a hard time this has been for everyone in the Gulf Coast area.  So awful.  We've been struggling to do what we can...  I know so many people that are.  But it just doesn't seem to be enough...

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blaze1wyteowl said...


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