Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is it Drafty in here?

I have started many a Thursday-13 that has petered out and left behind in the "draft" section of my edit grave yard. It is really is a waste land because so many of those topics sound really interesting and worth a go. For example ....

Girl For Hire - This was s series I was planning and upon closer inspection, I might run with it! I describe all the jobs I have had in my life time. And some career's thrown in there too.

What I want to be when I grow up - This little jewel explained how I wanted to marry a celebrity when I was young. Preferably Richard Chamberlain! I was shocked to tears when I found out he was gay!

The lemonade theory - Interesting. I do come up with some good titles every so often! This one is naturally about "life is never what you expect it to be" sort of ramble.

Potty Mouth - I don't even know where this one was going! It seems I was upset and not allowing myself to shout out curse words.

Pulling Up Roots - another try at a Thursday-13 about all the places I have lived. One of my friends commented that where ever I plant my roots I will blossom. I really needed that. Especially right now when I feel a little panicky about the move and finding a job. It's not as easy as it use to be.

Confessions of a Cook Book Junkie - I loved this series, but unfortunately I had to abandon the series because I never cook anymore! Last week I made a huge chicken pot pie. When I got to the part of making the crust I found I had very little all purpose flour! So I made it with canned biscuits! It was good. Good enough that I ate on it all week! Last night I made my Simple as can be Chili and will eat it all week. Simple but so good. . So good I have sort of an ache in my gut today. It's either my liver, an ulcer or that damn good chili.

15 minutes to Blow - these were some of my best little "write like no one is reading!" After years of blogging I feel like I have so little left. I find myself drawn to Facebook where I do not write much but get to keep up with everyone else. I would have quite a bit to write about if I felt like boring you all along with myself. Every time I work at the Bucket there is a story to tell. The Mall has ended up to be the worst job ever - but I hate to dwell on such negativity and I can make it three more weeks.

To tell the truth, I don't know what is wrong with me. Maybe it's because I never get to air out head anymore. Back several years ago when I was a Road Warrior and always driving some where exotic (not) for the Beverage Company my mind would wander as I drove to some great creative places. Mainly memories triggered by some Zen Like Hypnotic Trance brought on by the country side.

Maybe I just need to take a Road Trip?

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Manzanita said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate your comment. I like your header. Is that the small town you moved to? One should be able to read a lot into that photo.
Love and peace,
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