Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rocket Fuel

This morning I brewed my first pot of coffee of the year. Why did I wait so long, you ask. Last December I caught a hell of a stomach virus and lost my taste for Java and took up drinking tea. This morning I just wanted some coffee and so I made some.

And so hours later it is as if I am on speed. I have gotten so much accomplished today and it's not even noon! I am going to calm down and take a deep breath and use this incredible surge of energy to write about my job search.

I am moving to Memphis...maybe. Maybe not. But it's about 90% certain it will be Memphis. The other 10% leans towards Canton Ohio. Land of the North again. Canton would not be that bad. I have been following the job market via Indeed and there seems to be opportunity everywhere for both jobs and advancing a career. At this point in my marketability, despite a stellar resume and a college degree, I have all that against me. Times are tough and for someone over 50, albeit they barely look over 50 (lol), it's even tougher.

Despite all the barriers, I have had one job interview in Memphis already. I am to contact them as soon as I am moved and settled in and we will go from there. That one is a retail job.

I have been playing phone tag and e-mailing back and forth about a second job in Memphis for a die for position of Fund Raiser for a small school. For some reason, I am bound and determined to land a career in Fund Raising.

This guy e-mailed me for a telephone chat on Sunday. By the time I read the e-mail I had consumer several beers and was super jacked up from watching the re-run of the UK-Tennessee game (UK won) and I did not dare call no matter how much I thought I was OK.

Being the strategist that I am, I sent him an e-mail the next morning explaining the situation and I would call him today at his convenience. He wrote back, "Did I talk to you Friday? I have received so many resumes I can not keep track..."

So I wrote him back resending my resume and cover letter (which I tweaked a little) and told him a little bit about myself and how I had a VISION that I should pursue a career in fundraising.

I thought that would make me stand out from the crowd.

When I got home he had left me a voice mail and since I was totally sober I called him right away but he had already left for the day.

Sweet Jesus. Did I mention that this fund raising is for a school who does not believe Jesus was the son of God?

So it goes.

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