Thursday, March 10, 2011

Is it Thursday 13 again? Well I do believe it is! I woke up this morning and I thought, "What will I write about today?" Then I thought, "I feel pretty good this morning! All that sugar is clearing it's self out of my body!" Then I thought, "Gee I miss Joe" then I thought, "What's for breakfast!!" Then I thought, "What will I write about today?" and my eyes drifted to my window and then I knew!!

Things I collect , because it sounds better than "Things that I Hoard"

1) Fairies - I have about six fairies dangling from my window (told you). It all began when I needed a baby present for a friend and I just happened to be at the Woodlawn Art Fair. This Art Fair is one of the best ever. What makes it stand out is that you are not all mashed up together like the St. James Court Art Fair. That fair could give you a panic attack! Anyway, I entered a booth that was total Magic! The gent was a metal smith and his pieces were positively magnificent and charming. So, I began to collect them. The last installment is a paper mache beauty in green!

2) Cookbooks - I have dedicated an entire Thursday-13 to this addiction, so I will say no more.

3) Postcards - I love them! I have them from everywhere I have ever been. I have finally broken down and actually begun sending them to people! (Hello Nelle!!). I could never unload all of them in this life time. But I will never stop either.

4) Concert Tickets - but only those concerts I have attended. I need to make some sort of art collage from the collection I have amassed in this lifetime!

5) Very cool Miss matched dinner plates - I love this little cafe in the Meadowthorpe area called Hattie's. (she serves hoecakes instead of bread - to die for. I'm always asking my sup companions, "You gonna eat that Hoe cake?"). Part of her stupendous charm is the eclectic mix and match, mish mosh collection of dinner plates. It seems no two are alike. It inspired me to do the same thing at my restaurant (May May cafe, AKA my kitchen) and I have picked up some fantastic mind blowing plates, 50 cents each, at Goodwills! And Salvation Army Thrift stores.

6) Old Forgotten Photographs - I haunt flea markets, peddler malls & antique barns when ever I can. One of my favorite things to hunt for is old family photographs that are abandoned. I always wonder why and how can people just toss them out? There is this sad and true story about my SIL going past her grandpa's house after his third wife had passed (one ran off, the second he outlived, the third out lived him) and found all their family photographs and keep sakes on the curb! Mean old step-family. So, I adopt the cast off memento's thinking that I am saving something very special to someone somewhere. I just know that when my family goes through my stuff when I go to heaven they will say, "What the F...'ing Hell! who are these people!" When I am really bored - well, actually I am very rarely bored - I make up family stories about them. I shall share later on this month.

7) Photographs - because I am gaga over photography (did you read/hear about Vivian Maier??) I am a very amateur collector. Once again usually at these constant Art Fairs that seem to throw themselves in my path - Most recently I have hung them on the wall in my office and I constantly have people wander in and study them!! My fav? Has to be the 1981 Rolling Stone concert set (I try to always buy in three's). Guy I know snuck in a camera when they were performing in Louisville.

8) Compact Disc's - I know, I know everyone is going digital these days. But I got rid of all my records at a yard sale and my lifelong accumulation got stolen in 1979 (I still cringe and get sad about that. I had some pretty rare ones by today's standards) but I love my music. I am on the hunt to accumulate all the Bob Dylan recordings. I love that man.

9) Album Covers - I have begun trying to find fantastic art work in old school album covers of the 1960's & 1970's! There is this terrific guy in a little old flea market off I-64 that sells his rejects for chump change. I just want the covers - could care less about the vinyl!

10) Old Letters - Can you believe that I save most letters I receive? That should come as no shock to you since my Mom has been handing over letters she received during the 1960's with any reference to me made in them! So it's genetic. Sometimes when I am going through my stuff I run across some beautiful jewel that makes me sit back and tear up. Most recently I found a letter Mae had written to me when I was living in Houston (1980). Mae was a lady that came to our house once a week and helped Mom clean. She was with us for 20 years. I cherish that letter, written a tight tiny chicken scratch.

11) My journals- I am sick that when I went off to college I stopped keeping a journal and did not start again until 20 years later. I find sporadic note books with a few lines written spanning a few weeks but nothing with any meat! I did so many fun things and went to so many places and was witness to many historic and remarkable happenings and have little to no recognition of it. lol! We're talking the 1970's (wink wink)

12) Frye boots - I only have one pair but I am on the look out for great old vintage pairs. I love those things!

13) Vintage jewelry - my latest passion. Why is anything that hints at being out of fashion called "vintage"? Sometimes it's just plain ugly. I have amassed quite a hoard- I mean collection. My fav? A Les Bernard hand knotted green glass bead baby. It's gorgeous.

I have just realized that next week I will post pictures of this weeks Thursday 13!

Life is sweet!


Rachel said...

I collect a lot of stuff as well. Shot glasses, sports memorabilia, pictures, etc!!

Have a great day!


Alice Audrey said...

I've got a little stash of concert tickets, too. Most of them are quite old now. At one point my room mates and I laid out all our tickets for the upcoming season and covered a double bed.

Xakara said...

I have all of my old journals as well and for reasons I can't begin to understand I have a deep draw to old keys, old buttons and glass containers. I've weaned myself away from thrift stores so I'm okay now, but I still have the pull every time I pass one. *smile*

Happy TT,

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Brenda ND said...

I'd like to collect fairies too.

Gal Friday said...

I also collect cookbooks(mostly old ones), postcards..and letters(cannot throw them away..just can't), and still buy CD's(bought the latest Adele for my daughter two days ago) and LP's(my husband collects those)
And those old photos you described, that show up in a box for sale at flea markets and thrift stores, thye, too, always make me a little sad since they seem to be of people time forgot. At least you are giving them a home.

Lisa said...

What a great list. You inspired me to write my 13 things on things I collect.

Julie said...

that was a really fun post to read and it also inspired me to do the same list later!

Katrina @ They All Call Me Mom said...

I think it's so sweet that you collect discarded old photographs -- you are right, they are or were important to someone!

I am a collector, too. I have a very hard time throwing away anything that is even remotely sentimental. I have boxes and boxes of baby clothes because I have nine children and oh, each little baby item holds a memory. How can I get rid of something that one of my babies wore? What I plan on doing is making a big quilt out of them one day, just a big comfy quilt made up of patches of clothing that my children wore.

I have kept a journal since I was 8 years old. I am 41 now. I have volume after volume after volume, stored away in a big box in my closet! One of my favorite things to do is to get that box down and grab a few random books, and then take a trip back in time...and remember. What would I ever do without all my journals? They are my memories, my by day.

And since I have nine children, one might say that I collect kids, too. LOL

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)