Thursday, March 31, 2011

K is for Kilt

It's ABC Wednesday ...again! This weeks letter is K.

Kilt is not the first thing that came to my mind but when I awoke this morning and realized that I had not posted yesterday (busy working and then working my second job then watching Survivor and Justified on the DVR it was midnight!).

This photo I took years ago while attending the Dublin Irish Festival with my two sisters and their families. The year before my youngest sister and I had made the trek from Lexington to Columbus on the hottest August week-end ever. She had once caught the band The Saw Doctors performing in Boston and they were the headliner at the Irish Festival that summer.

I feel in love with the Saw Doc's that week-end, a band from Ireland who can rock a house! I have seen them numerous times since. Once on St. Patrick's Day in Cleveland at the world famous Agora Ballroom, a vintage venue for concerts.

Aside from my love affair with the Saw Doc's, the men in Kilts were everywhere and the idea was conceived to get our husbands in Kilt's!

No way. But my sis managed to get her husbands male family members in Speedo's....go figure.

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Roger Owen Green said...

great debate about what's underneath the kilts.

just sayin'.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

mrsnesbitt said...

hmmmmmm speedos or kilt - definately a kilt!
I think my husband would look good in a kilt - but I guess I will never know - he would not entertain a skirt as he calls them. Will check out this group you mention - good old Youtube eh?
Thanks so much for contributing!
ABC Team

princessr9 said...

My bf wears his kilt all the time. I love it! He's got great legs, and I know what he does or doesn't wear underneath it ;)

alphawoman said...

Gotta be HAY WRAP if you want to check out You Tube Saw Doc's!!

TheChieftess said...

'Tis a bonney day to see a man with great legs in a kilt!!!

Meryl Jaffe, PhD said...

I like the shot! One of the best kilt shots I've seen!
Thanks for the smile.