Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Writing Down the (Rusty) Bones

Once upon a time I tried writing a post a day for a month. I can't remember what the challenge is called (heck it might even still be on my sidebar!) NANONANO something. But, while I feel like a short timer, a lame duck at the office, there is a certain bravado that allows me to do what I want and not be worried about being fired.

And so, I think I shall blog away and try and reclaim my rhythm.

What happened yesterday that was so wonderful? I spoke to my sister and we are having the St. Paddy Day parade. I had not heard much of anything from any one so I thought maybe this year we were going to take a pass. I was absolutely devastated last year that I could not attend. It is one of the highlights of my year and the fact that I had to take pictures at a Spring Prom Fashion show almost brought me to tears. So, it's on! Hip hip hooray!

She also clued me in that I was going nowhere taking the job interview with the school. She sat on a board of like school in Louisville when her children where in pre-school and she was totally dismissed by the mothers. "I was not taken seriously because I was not of their persuasion." I do not want to waste time. I could charm myself into that job (God knows I have done such in the past and it was MURDER) and I am so competitive (and irresistible) that it could happen and I would end up miserable.

What else happened yesterday? I realized it was Fat Tuesday which means today is Ash Wednesday. I had a grand time telling Mrs. Long Suffering about Joe's first experience with a Catholic service. It was Palm Sunday and Father Mac decided that we were all going to march around the parking lot waving our palms and re-enact Jesus entering Jerusalem. "When is intermission?" Joe asked!

I have decided to give up anything that hints of being sweet for Lent. This means candy bars and especially all candy at the Bucket! Cake, cookies, cup cakes, cake pops, brownies etc. etc. etc. I can do it! If I could give up alcohol (as I did in 2006) I can do anything. The good side is that I may loose weight!

What else happened?

Mrs. Long Suffering, while consulting her "cake preference" file calls back to me, "You little booger! You let us miss your birthday!" I was treated to Ice Cream & Cake & Cake as a result of my rudeness. "Don't you know we love cake!" It was fun.

What else? Since I am giving up sweets for Lent I ate three pieces of cake and two servings of ice cream and about 3/4 of a Chunky bar. I will put the remaining part in the freezer for after Easter. I woke up this morning a trifle sick thinking "what the Hell is wrong with me?"

I have begun to post my books on Craigslist in C-ville. I have decided to unload as many as I can bear to part with before the move to Memphis. I have about a zillion of them. The first two boxes of 25 are listed. I also have them listed on WordPress in a blog (How many blogs can one person have, for God's sake!!!) Here is the link -

Box(es) of Books for sale if anyone is interested. Will sell and ship!

Book of the day - To The Heart of the Nile, 2004, Pat Shipman, Lady Florence Baker, Explorer of Central Africa Excellent w/jacket protector Hardback ; Bio/adventure.

$5.00 OBO


Eryl said...

I tried that post a day thing once, too, I actually managed over 20 posts in a row then couldn't bear it any longer.

Good for you giving up sweet things for lent. I've already eaten two biscuits, four squares of chocolate and a yogurt (lemon) so I guess I'm not joining you.

Charlotte said...

As well as being Pancake Day, Tuesday was also International Womens Day. Here's my contributiuon.
BTW I'm attempting to give up alcohol for Lent.