Wednesday, June 9, 2004

60 Pubs in Ennis

Reaching the main road it is a short trip to Ennis.  Arriving in the city limits we find a B&B and head into town on foot.   

It was a fairy tale town.  The intimate old shops line the streets in a colorful display of the best in food, crafts and pubs. It had the feel of a medieval town under the shadow of the 13th century friary.  The narrow and twisted streets snaked their way towards the town center where a music festival was winding down for the evening.  The luck of the Irish!  We had arrived during the most famous and best musical festival of traditional music, the Fleadh Nua.  People were everywhere, spilling onto the small tunnel passageways that linked the narrow one way streets.  It was a celebration that involved dancing, drinking and making merry!  

We immediately found a pub to stumble into.  We were squeezed into places at the bar and immediately made to feel part of the celebration.  Ten or so musicians, ending their day together sat around a long table making music.  I could not believe our good fortune.  The musicians would finish one song and begin another.  They would sit and drink and be quite for a moment and then one of them would pick up their instrument and begin anew.  The rest falling in or just listening.  

It was traditional and at times so sad I felt tears falling down my cheeks.  

Then it would change and become a foot stomping ruckus free for all with the whole pub taking part with singing the lyrics.

Not knowing the words did not keep me from singing that night.  

The pub was called Brogans.  The town was called Ennis.  The music was called mystical.      


dymphna103 said...

I absolutely love all of this.  It is fantastic the things you got to see.  john

sistercdr said...

You are an excellent travel writer.  You know how to put your reader in the places you've been.  Now, tell me more!

krobbie67 said...

I am reading these and feeling absolutely jealous because I know if I went to Ireland it would be nothing like this. You truly do have the luck of the Irish! Oh, but I'm also very glad this turned out to be such a great trip for you. You deserved it! :-) ---Robbie

mlraminiak said...

I was thinking the same thing as Cynthia...your writing really seems to come alive when you're describing your travels. You should be with a tourist bureau or something! seems like you're so open to new experiences when you travel.  I know I could go to the same places you did, one or two steps behind you, even, and not have the time that you did.  Lisa  :-]  

sonensmilinmon said...

Mary, I really, really, really think you should write your experiences then submit them to some of the travel magazines.  This is MUST read, reading!
Thank you so much for sharing this time with us.


deabvt said...

Wow, This is terrific!

quroboros said...

Excellent description.. I felt like I was there.  I can just hear that drum playing.  ¤Holly

deveil said...

This town sounds very interesting.  My name is Derek Ennis, my great grandmother always told me of a township in Ireland that was of her namesake.  This journal opens it up for me in another way, Thanks!


slowmotionlife said...

My gawd, I really feel I've experience this trip through your eyes.  So wonderful, that intimate feeling.  I can already tell you're really going to miss this place.  Pack up! Buy plane tickets. They have AOL in Ireland, right?? tehehe..

haikulike said...

You really need to send these off to Ireland for Tourism publication at the very least.
These reminiscences will always be a treasure for you--but others will love them, too-- and HAVE to visit.  You're so wise to capture the PEOPLE, as well as the mystical landscapes.