Thursday, June 10, 2004

The Cliffs at Last!

Spent the night at the B&B.  I think.  Joe carried me back to the room!  The B&B's are so cool and informal.  Only bad thing is that they wanted cash, Euro's, and I wanted to save our Euro's for...well, the obvious, the pubs!  The breakfast was wonderful.  I had no idea that sausage could taste like this.  No filler at all, just wonderful unadulterated pork.  Joe liked the blood pudding, not me.  

We ate with a silent Japanese couple.  I believe it was a son and his Mama-san.  Joe left the table before I, because I was savoring the robust coffee and lingering over the last drops. Joe is not a coffee drinker.  It was then that the son began to talk to me.  He was so polite and spoke to me in a sideways manner, not making direct eye contact and very soft spoken with carefully pronounced English.  He is an engineer with Honda visiting from London.  They were going to the Cliffs.  They left the dining area before me and as she exited she bowed to me several times.  

The luck of the Irish faded this day.  It was raining and it was a cold dreary rain.  The trip to the Cliffs was harrowing due to the rain slick roadways and sharing the way with the tour buses. The rain itself was harsh and rushed into your rain gear and slapped your face!  On the wet whipping wind was decorated with tiny white flowers.  At first I thought it was snow!  But upon closer examination I decided it was wild flowers from the trees.  

The cliffs themselves were magnificent, breathtaking and no amount of gray rain would diminish their majesty.  Look at the picture....up on the top left cliff in the middle of the pic. You can just make out cattle.  Yes, they are like ants.    


svenskagrl said...

Wow, the cattle sure help to put the size of the cliffs into perspective!  I love what you're doing with tales of your trip.  I await the next my Barcolounger.

deveil said...

You are on the vacation of a lifetime.  The cliffs look magnificent!


ckays1967 said...

I saw you were back and just got caught up on all the entries.....WOW, WOWZA, YIPPEE!!

I am so excited to hear your tales and eat up your pictures.  Man, I want to be Irish.

Glad you made it back safely.

mlraminiak said...

Sounds like our Oregon coast weather.  Sometimes, though, the nasty weather can even enhance a coast visit.  Wonderful picture!  Lisa  :-]

bookncoffee said...

I have enjoyed your pics.  So pretty and green!  Just like I imagined.  Would love to go to Ireland someday.  

krobbie67 said...

Incredible! I think maybe the rainy day makes the cliffs even more beautiful.
:-) ---Robbie

deabvt said...

Alpha, This is wonderful!!  I hope you have a lot more Pics!   ERIN GO BRAUGH!

lucylouladybug said...

How beautiful is that!  I bet near if not breathtaking in person!

Looks like you had a trip of a lifetime.

Love, Penny

belfastcowboy75 said...

Two Irishmen are standing atop the Cliffs of Moher. One has several parakeets on his shoulder; the other, a parrot. The first suddenly hurls himself off the cliff--the parakeets fly away. The man crashes on the rocks below, and lies writhing in pain.

The second man watches him for a moment, then he too throws himself from the cliff. During his fall, he pulls a pistol from his jacket and attempts to shoot the parrot as it flies away. He crashes on the rocks beside the first man.

"Acchhhh!" groans the first man. "Liam, this budgie jumping is no fun at all."

"Ooooh, I hear you Seamus," moans the second. "This free-fall parrot-shooting isn't any better."

slowmotionlife said...

OK.. first... what the heck is "blood pudding"??  If it's anything like a native Filipino dish [pork's blood stewed down into a thick sauce], then I'm definitely with you. No blood pudding for me.  Bleah.  tehehe..

This photo is wonderful.  What a view!

haikulike said...

majestic is right!

judithheartsong said...

I would love to see this place someday! Beautiful photograph. judi