Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Off of Dame Street

That is how we ended up a day earlier in Dublin that we anticipated.  The car rental place took the car back but not any of our money did they give back!  We did get a ride to the Airport where we (once again) hopped on the Blue Coach and rode to the old part of Dublin, the downtown area.  We disembarked in front of Trinity college and then walked around in circles, dragging our luggage looking for Bloom Hotel.

I had made the reservation from the pay phone at the airport. Yes they did have rooms (dance of joy), yes it was affordable, (jump for joy) and an Irish breakfast was included (tears of joy)...but, "We are in the midst of Temple Bar. It does get a little noisy at night.".  Even though my Aunt Kitty had warned us about even visiting Temple Bar, Dublin's Left Bank, it sounded intriguing.  More so now that even the front desk reservations found it necessary to forewarn us.

Walking around the narrow cobblestone streets between the bank and the River Liffey we came across a street sign that said, "Blooms Hotel".  And as if a miracle had happened there it was in all its yellow glory, about a half a block from Trinity college!

We checked into our room.  Two single beds, a 13 inch black and white TV, a desk and one chair.  The room was very warm, so we pried open the window to let in the Irish air. We were pleased to find that the view, if you craned your neck and stuck your head out the window, included the Plaza of the Central Bank.  In the middle of the Plaza was a golden globe, representing the world I would think.

We wasted little time in the room, and ran down to experience the night life of Dublin in the infamous Temple Bar area.

We went right into the hotel bar, called The Vat and immediately began to meet an assortment of characters. We  were drinking pints of Guinness and my favorite Smithwicks, and began to  purchase rounds for each other.  We were swapping stories about our roots in Ireland, and theirs in the States.  It was so much fun! 

So much fun that when I finally made it into the lift to return to the room, I had lost Joe.  I had also forgotten to settle up with the bar! 

My first night in downtown Dublin, and I was already had turned into one of the depraved degenerates that Aunt Kitty had warned me about.

P.S.  That is me in the middle in the pink.


my78novata said...

Good ole ky hillbily in dublin LOL Lori

mlraminiak said...

I can't imagine a little thing like "Temple Bar" would put off the likes of YOU!  P.S.--Cute pic.  Looks like you're having fun...  Lisa  :-]  

sistercdr said...

You have an incredible smile, and I think the party is just getting started when you know you're a degenerate.

pawsadam said...

Thanks for the kind comments about being a pick of the week.
I don't know about retiring in Florida, but I sure know growing up here was great.


krobbie67 said...

Yeah!!! We finally get to see a picture of Gidget! I was wondering if any of those faces were yours. :-) ---Robbie

chefgracegeorge said...

[Hugs Mary's picture]
I have enjoyed your trip almost as much as you did!

mrccgoody said...

I am going to be so sad when this travelogue is over!  I love that people actually warned you about visiting the bar...that would automatically make it the first place I'd visit!

deabvt said...

Begorrah! An Irish lass.

camaroisle050856 said...

   Mary, You  & Joe look great!

txsguinan said...

Look how cute and happy you are!  You and Joe are really an adorable couple.  

You see...Guinness IS Good for You!  :)