Sunday, June 27, 2004

Life Goes On

Now that I have finished the Irish Chronicles I now get back to the everyday life adventures that are going on.    My Sister Omega, her husband, Joe and myself went to the Cincinnati Reds baseball game last night.  They were playing Pittsburgh, and the Reds lost.  That was a bummer, but we had a great time anyway. 

Omega's husband was given these great tickets, which included access to the Club House and seats above home plate.  I was blown away.   One foul ball came whirling at us at about 100 miles per hour.  All these seats at the game, and the ball is heading right at my head! 

This has happened to me before, when I was with my brother Pat.  He had to deflect the ball while holding a beer!  The result was he jammed his thumb, saved his sister, and did not spill a drop of beer.  

The same thing happened, almost.  The guy behind us reached out and knocked the ball down, it landed on the stairs and bounced to the front row where it was immediately picked up.  Such a big deal!  Wish we had gotten it!  

We went over to Omega's house afterwards and listened to an Irish band called the Saw Doctors.  We sang along with "N-17"...."oh I wish I were on the N-17!  Stone walls and the grass is green. Traveling along with just my thoughts and dreams."  Joe sang loudest of all!  

They are going to be performing in Indianapolis on August 17th....hmmmmmm, what do you say Chef Grace?  


mlraminiak said...

Don't forget, you're getting back to the business of being a newlywed.  That's not just the same old same old...   Lisa  :-]

txsguinan said...

No no no...Go Back!  Go back now!    ;)

my78novata said...

great free tickes. thats neat. Lori

mrccgoody said...

I've always wanted to go to a Reds game and just haven't...there's no excuse for it when we live so close.  
I wanted to tell you Thank you, Mary, for praying for my aunt and my family, I really appreciate it.

krobbie67 said...

Joe is a veteran. He should sing the loudest. Huh? Glad that everyday life is handing you adventures too. :-) ---Robbie

dymphna103 said...

OH the love of newlyweds.  I admire you  john

karynetaylor said...

great picture! It does look like you had great seats. Glad you weren't injured or anything! Its crazy how people will scramble to get that stupid little ball. Then it just sits on a shelf for 20 years, just a memento. Not worth getting hurt over!

Glad you guys had fun!

~ Karyn

musenla said...

In spite of Joe's harrowing experience driving in Ireland, it seems the country has grown on him just the same.  

I've just started falling in love with baseball, being an avid basketball fan.  It's a good thing their seasons don't coincide!