Thursday, June 17, 2004

Spanish Arches on a Rainbow making Day

Jumping off the bus we headed into the bustling charming merchant center of the town.  This particular area of the downtown has been closed to traffic!  The narrow streets were jam packed with delightful shops and pubs.  This was at one time the major port of trade for the Spanish in Ireland, hence the remaining ancient structure known as the Spanish Arches on the bay directly down from the Claddagh bridge.

This is where Joe and I commenced to serious shopping.  Keeping a tradition that has been in my family for three generations, I purchased a Claddagh ring for Bridget at the famous Fallers Jewelers on Williamsgate Street.  Strangely enough, I took my Claddagh ring off for inspection to determine if it had been purchased at Fallers (each is stamped with the jewelers special seal) and it broke at the connection of the hands to the heart.  "This is an omen to purchase a new one" the sales person solemnly told me.  No, my Mom gave it to me 30 years ago. I will have it repaired.  You do not mess with tradition.

Joe and I continued in our quest for the most perfect pub in Ireland and had several contenders in Galway.  I like the Sally Long Pub. A biker hang out!  I loved the mural on the wall depicting the last supper with Elvis, David Bowie, Axel Rose, Prince...just to name a few.  We tasted our first Mickie Finn!  Butterscotch schnapps.  Wonderful.  

The Spanish Hotel Bar was too good to be true.  We ate dinner there and Joe experienced scones for the first time! His remark was, "I'd jump over two tomato's to get to that scone."  

For the first and only time while in Ireland, we called it an early night and crashed after our long day in the mist, the dews and the rainbow making showers of Ireland



my78novata said...

love this pic. it has charm. Lori

deabvt said...

" you will stop and watch the moon rise over Claddagh,
and watch the sun go down on Galway Bay......"
Great, Alpha!!!

sonensmilinmon said...

Another great entry and I've failed to mention you've had the best pictures in your journal for this trip.  I LOVE the entries.  I'll catch up when I return.


mlraminiak said...

I bet the favortie part of THIS day for Joe was the BUS!  Lisa  :-]

svenskagrl said...

"A biker hang out!  I loved the mural on the wall depicting the last supper with Elvis, David Bowie, Axel Rose, Prince...just to name a few.  We tasted our first Mickie Finn!  Butterscotch schnapps."

Check out these coincidences in the above paragraph:  I share my birthday with Axl Rose.  I ride a motorcycle, which is currently at Mickey Finn's Honda for its yearly service AND my favorite pudding is butterscotch!  Maybe I need to go to this Irish town!  Great entry...I love the spanish architecture.

krobbie67 said...

What a great tradition! I bet Bridget was excited. Joe has never had scones????
I love scones! :-) ---Robbie

wfhbear said...

My favorite is Irish Soda Bread. I guess its like a big scone without icing. Hooray for the beer, ale, and stout. I envy your romp through the pubs. What great reading all this is.  My regards, Bill.

sistercdr said...

What a wonderful tradition with the rings.

txsguinan said...

Lucky Bridget ~ a Claddagh ring purchased in Galway.  What a nice tradition.

And I love the sound of that mural.  I think that your and Joe's quest for the perfect pub would make an excellent tradition as well!  :)