Saturday, July 3, 2004

Am I Mental?

Last year Joe and I ran in the Bluegrass 10,000.  It was with some trepidation that I signed us up to run in this years event.  I have not tied on a pair of running shoes since participating in the 10 miler in April!  The Bluegrass 10,000 appears to becoming a tradition in our family.   

It was hot at 8am...just like last year. Thank God this year I did not have a small hang over like I did last year.  Estimates would put the field at 4,000.  At least I was confident I would not come in last.

Joe has not run much either. So, he decided he would walk/run with me. That lasted until mile marker Three.  He took off and I was relieved.   Why is it that once he was on his way, I felt able to just find a steady slow pace that did not require me to walk?  I finished the race slow, but running. 

I had it in about a little less than 13 minute miles...which is not bad for an old chick!  

I am mental.    


sistercdr said...

I'd be thrilled if I could jog a single mile.  I say you're doing pretty darn good.

tjexpressions said...

I just went through all your travel shots..OMG what a trip you had!
Running....dah! That was great time and we won't talk about it another second I am having fitness envy.

mrccgoody said...

You are awesome!  I am up to being able to jog for a whopping three minutes without falling over.  Please, no more of this 'not bad' stuff!

krobbie67 said...

Holy Cow! You haven't ran in months and set out to run 10 miles! You are mental!
No offense but girl you are going to be hurting. :-) ---Robbie

mlraminiak said...

Thirteen minute miles...not bad, indeed.  Especially in hot weather.  You rock!  Lisa  :-]

judithheartsong said...

Yippee for you!!!!! judi

sonensmilinmon said...

13 minutes ... very good!  Way to go!


jayveesonata said...

Congratulations, Mary! Unfortunately, I think my running days are just about over. It would be humiliating to be beaten by an "old chick"   ( your words, not mine! ).....Jon