Thursday, July 8, 2004

Technical Difficulties. Please Stand By

I feel like the understudy who has patiently waited and when she is finally given the nod, she jubilantly runs to the stage, trips and knocks herself out!

All my Kentuckian journaler pals are well aware of the series of violent thunderstorms that have hammered Kentucky the past several days.  Joe was blissfully unaware, on the computer, "Lalalalala, life is wonderful, look at all the great motorcycles!"   When suddenly the computer was zapped, apparently through the telephone line.

Woe is me!  It is to Best Buys I go this afternoon to see if I can get someone to wait on me so I can purchase a replacement!  This is a blessing in disguise, since my crippled Dell did not have a CD burner, audio ...any of that cool stuff!

I was notified that I have been chosen this week to be one of the five Editors Pics!  Yea!  I am thrilled.  I am totally blown away.

I have to admit that recently I have been thinking about the DISPLACEMENT theory.  That I have spent so much time reading and writing in AOL Journal land that a lot of my usual activities have been neglected.  I do not run anymore (no time).   I walked out to the back yard and was astonished to see the remnants of the vegetable garden I planted in late April (Did you all know that broccoli will sprout flowers?).  A usually voracious reader, I have only read about 10 books so far this year! Joe has pointed out that I seem to have turned lazy on him! Fact is, I don't have time to cook and clean! I was thinking of putting Alphawoman to bed for awhile.....I guess it is not going to happen now!

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge several people who have touched my life through AOL Journals.  

I never learned to hyperlink, and God know its impossible on the computer at the University of Kentucky library! Most of the journals are in my favorite's.

My first friend In AOl, Lisa, Coming to terms with Middle Age.  We muddled through adding pictures together.  Her journal is terrific, well thought out and articulate.

My second AOL friend, Michael, A Spiritual Journey...well, you just have to go there.  In my humble opinion, the best journal in AOL land.

A big thank you to the Blogfather, John Scazli for highlighting my journal several times over the months making me believe that I could write.

And one apology. I had a journal that I used to experiment and teach myself things.  No one ever read it, or so I though.  I hurt someone with my opinions and pompous attitude and I would like to apologize.  I should understand that no one knows anything about anyone unless you climb inside their skin and walk around for awhile.

Thank you AOL, you have made my day!

Stay tuned...don't turn the dial, I promise more Ireland stories since the theme is Travel!


my78novata said...

Darn just wehn you get picked and you have your pc zapped. Man bad timeing and yes you will have to stay on journals i will miss you. I have ust gone to doing a post twice a week to keep my home life alive I get up a bit earlier and read journals for the day and post in as many as i can. with takeing care of my grandmother and having family in from out of state for ten days and starting back homeschooling an d  all that has gone on its not been easy but I have keep my house running. But I think it all keeps me running and that may be good for sure. Congrats ont he editors pick but i always knew I had a great journal to read . Lori

karensull12 said...

Congratulations on being #1.  

judithheartsong said...

OH! Good for you, I am so happy for you. Your fantastic pictures will be showcased and I'll be able to say I knew you when!! Congrats to you! love, judi

mlraminiak said...

See?  The "powers that be" knew you were thinking about leaving us.  I thank them for not letting that happen.  Your journal is great, Miss Mary, and deserves any award available.

Go wild with the new 'puter.  Lisa  :-]

yakima127 said...

Congratulations on being in the running for number 1!  It is a long time overdue!  I have always believed your journal to be one of the best I have EVER read, here, in J-land.  Have fun with the new computer!  JAE

sweetlyrics2 said...

aol journals are kool. and its a good way to share ur feelings with whomever happens to open ur journal, but i think u should take care of ur responsibilities and hobbies that u used to have b4 u sit and type. and u read? reading is a wonderful thing...u can learn so much. remember ppl become smart by reading and u never stop learning. i am still in high school, of coarse i dont live in books, but every now and then its nice to read a book just bcuz. i have to read 3 books for summer reading and i went on vacation with my friends and bought a book just bcuz. i have a job now so i work, read, work out(cuz i need to loose weight), and still have time to help my mom at home, talk on the phone, check my email, write in my journal, chill with friends, etc. trust time is an excuse we give ourselves when we get lazy.(plz check out my journal as well, thank you!)

lilrazcal79 said...

Congrats on being number 1.

camaroisle050856 said...

       Congratulations on being number one, Mary, you deserve it!

Best wishes,

tjexpressions said...

Oh wow! Glad I came to peak in on you or it could have been days before I knew you made it to Top Five Editors picks. I will have to go look, I always forget!
A new puter and a act of God to get it! Maybe I will take my surge protecter off...will that increase my odds? Are you going to put a float in the J-Land virtual parade? {{ had to ask? }}

momdadat447 said...

HI neighbor :) I live right outside of Louisville in Shepherdsville. I love coming across journals from people so close by. Congrats on getting #1!! Have a GREAT Day~~~Angela~~

cathy0o0 said...

Congratulations on being the editors #1 pick...Well deserved im sure. :)

haikulike said...

Woo HOOOOOOO!  Yay Alphawoman!  whistles, shouts, applause!

musenla said...

Sorry about the tech glitch, but congrats on being the #1 pick, woohoo!

starbelle2 said...

Congratulations! Now it is my turn to wander through your Journal which I already have in the Irish Chronicles but lurking. I will come back through the week and leave comments here and there. It always happens, recognition, just when you are ready to give up. So please don't!
Suzy Colorado

sunflowerkat321 said...

Congratulations on your #1 Editors pick.  You deserve the recognition.  Great photo too!!

mrccgoody said...

Congratulations on being Editor's Pick! You absolutely deserve it.

svenskagrl said...

Congratulations on being #1 Editor's pick!  I'm not surprised, especially after how enthralled I was with each entry you did on your trip to Ireland.  Very deserving I say.

krobbie67 said...

A little late for the party, but I'm here to congratulate you on being the #1 Editor's Pick. Woohoo! And yeah for the new computer. Does that mean I can do audio entries again? You had a second journal? Where was I? :-) ---Robbie