Friday, October 24, 2003

favorite places

I seem to like pictures of gargantuan proportions! They look so much better than the other choice of a small picture.  But, I guess I need to learn a little something about adjusting.

This is the Reed Valley Orchard located smack dab on the Bourbon Co., Harrison Co. borders in some of the most eastern reaches of Central KY.  I love this place.  I have the greatest job in the world that affords me the opportunity to visit these locations while I travel about.

I purchased a mixed peck of apples for apple pies!  This past summer I bought a basket of peaches that I ate and ate and ate.  Peaches and peanut butter on toast for breakfast became one of my staples.

My digital camera is becoming my most favorite toy!  And this medium to store the pictures with my journal is just too wonderful.  I have been on line reading journals all week when ever I had the chance.  There is some really terrific stuff going on out there. 

More later. 



mlraminiak said...

LIKE your pictures. Tried to add my own to my journal---of an Oregon sunset I snapped while on vacation last week. Just got this little postage-stamp sized thing. How do I get the nice big pictures like yours?

hyjeanne11 said...

Ah, this reminds me so much of the little store that we saw yesterday! I wish I could put up my pictures as soon as I take them. Someday....

coffywoman said...

great photo!!