Monday, October 13, 2003

why I run? I'm a masochist!

Saturday I ran in the first annual "Run for Education" held in beautiful downtown Midway!It was the most beautiful and perfect day to have a 5K.  The temp was in the low 70's, the sun shining and the sky was azure blue, the trees were radiant in their autumn fire and flash, and the course took us down a lane lined by plank fences and throughbred horses. 

I ran terrible!  I wanted so badly to break 30 minutes, but I think one needs to practice  to accomplish that.  I guess the race would have to be all downhill. 

I think I run because I like the pain and overcoming it, and passing into the "zone".  People talk about endorphin release appealing to the addictive nature in us runners.  That might be so, but there is nothing sweeter than the natural high of finishing a race with a personal best time.  There is nothing to compare with setting a goal, such as to finish a half marathon, and then do it.  I can not describe the feeling.  Somewhere beyond tears and fainting.

Running is a metaphor for life.  To tough it out, pick yourself up when you fall down, don't give in to your weakness, don't quit,  Keep going when everything and everyone tells you it can't be done. Determination, trust in yourself, and a penchant for masochism.

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coffywoman said...

wonderful read! I should have stopped by your journal before writing you an email!!