Wednesday, October 8, 2003

you say it's your birthday!

Yesterday was Joe's birthday.  He turned 50.  He spent his birthday evening going to the drug-alcohol classes that once he has his day in court, will be mandatory.

It is  smart for him to think ahead and get the classes behind him before they take his drivers liscense for 45 days.  He is thinking of the burden that will fall on those of us around him.  He works nights, so I will be taking him to his work place and picking him up.  I have to work days, and most the time expected to be out by 7am.  Earlier on some days.  It will be interesting.

His first class was an eye opener for him.  I'm not sure how many in the class, but he told me stories about several of them.  One goofy young girl, who was caught driving on a suspended liscense and also was caught DUI the very first time she made the mistake of climbing behind the wheel after a few.

One other gentleman made the statement, "You find out fast who your friends are when it comes to bumming rides.  I take the bus a lot."

And so, happy birthday, Joe.

Some very good things are coming out of this. We went to his brothers house on the river for a family gathering to celebrate his special day, and he did not drink at all.  And had a good time.

I think that if he really feels he was heading down the wrong road, that he had concerns about being an alcoholic in the making, then this is a blessing rather than a curse.

He asked me if I had been surpressing my feeling regarding his drinking.  Hell, we broke up last year over it!  A diasterious (sp?) trip to Boston last summer!  That is a story worth telling later on. Sometimes you just get accustomed to the behavior that develops in someone, especially if it is gradual.  .

I'm Catholic and Irish...oh boy, quite the combination for alcohol abuse.  Yet, I have always been able to just walk away from it.  Never had a craving, per se.  Sometimes I needed one, but never planned my week-ends, evening etc. around consumption. 

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