Tuesday, October 7, 2003

freak flag fly

This past week end I was at my parents house cleaning the downstairs family room and living area for my Dad's return home next week.  My sister in law is quite the task master and had assigned me the walls.  I cleaned off years of fire place yuk from the panel wood and then polished them with lemon oil.  The whole effect was really nice.

Laura ( sister in law) is German, and really knows how to clean.  My Mom is the youngest of four children, the baby, and all the cleaning etc. was handeled by the eldest girl, Maura.  Needless to say, Maura left home to marry at 18.  But the damage was done.  Mom was the scholar, Maura the cleaner.

And I have inherited my mothers inability to clean...properly.  Anyway, it is sort of theraputic doing that kind of deep through removal of dirt.  I actually enjoyed it, and Laura told me how to clean the wood floors that Joe and I have in our house, circa 1940. 

We had the tv on listening to the Biography channel's hour on Sonny and Cher.  It was interesting on several levels, but the remarks about their image really made me think about that time and era.  Sonny and Cher were known as hippies.  yet, they did not drink nor take drugs.  That was okay in the mid-sixties, but as the end of that decade approached, with Woodstock etc...the army of "freaks" were born, and Sonny and Cher were passe.

Was I a hippie or a freak?  Or was I a hippie-freak? Actually, when we refered to ourselves back them, we were freaks.

I think back upon those years, the early '70's, and all the characters I met, knew, loved, was influenced by, and ultimately changed my life... I miss it and them. I miss the hair!


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