Tuesday, October 14, 2003

House on Mouse

This is the way my Tuesday has been so far....

3am I  am awakened by the sound of the mouse trap snapping shut, and the following clatter of what can only be the trap being dragged.  Also think I hear mouse sounds, but too freaked out to let that thought register too deep.

5am awake to call Joe and tell him the Mighty mouse has escaped the trap, dragging it across the floor and depositing it infront of the bedroom door as to mock us.

7am at work.

9am listening to Art (one of my co-workers at the "BottleCap") tell me this story. "My wife sent me to Sam's club last night.  Now, I don't have a card, so she called ahead and told them I needed one. I arrived and gave the note from my wife to the customer service people.  They made up a card for me, told me to step back, and took my picture.  I didn't think nothing of it, was handed my new card and stuck it in my pocket.  I got the stuff my wife wanted, and headed tothe check out line.  The cashier took my card and said, "Sir, I can't use this card." "Why not?" I asked. "Sir, it does not look like you." "Well, now everybody knows the pictures here are bad.  Mine is no different." "No, sir, I really can't use this. It does not look a thing like you." I finally took my glasses off and took the card from her. Damn if she wasn't right, the card had my name but a picture of a 60 year old woman on it!" 

12pm have lunch with my favorite customer, E. at Horse Park.  Had good german food. Asked what I planned to give him for Christmas, since he was such a good customer!

1pm rained on.

3pm help get my Dad home from the Rehab Hospital he has been in for over three weeks after suffering his stroke on Sept 12th.

5pm home to a $500 bill from the plumber who fixed the water heater last week when it decided to die.

530pm realize that I have received my first AARP magazine with Lauren Hutton on cover!She is turning 60! Hells bells.

730 see Boston beat by the evil NY Yankees.

730 again, Joe leaves for drug alcohol class

8pm mess around on computer keeping eye peeled for mouse.


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whomever711 said...

Did the mouse have relatives?  they often do.  i hope not.