Wednesday, October 1, 2003

October 1

Finished the move.  Like a huge weight taken off of me.  Got the washer and dryer over to the house last night and that was it.  Now have a moment to relax, and then worry about the DUI.

I think that it is a good thing in many ways.  It is sort of like the "invisible hand" reaching down and making an adjustment. I have been trying to keep Joe's spirit up with making jokes.  I truly believe that thinking the worst will make you crazy.  How often does the worst really happen? No need to obsess and make yourself sick.

Need to find a good lawyer.  And I have been through this before...with Bridget, my daughter. Two years ago last Derby Day.  No one in their right mind drives down Interstate 64 on Derby night after drinking at 2am!  The cops are gleefully waiting for you! 

She was pulled over in our states capital.  She was zooming down 64 at a high rate of speed, as reported by the Sherrif's brother (of all the rotten luck), who she passed.  I got the best lawyer in Frankfort for these type of offences, Marvin Cole.  He represents at least half of all the offenders in the court room.  He had Bridget's postponed about four times, but the arresting State trooper never missed a court date. Rats. 

I have had numerous encounters with out justice system with Bridget.  She was a hand full for quite some time.  And I have seen the inside of three different court rooms in as many counties.  It is very entertaining in some ways.

My favorite story is in Fayette Co.  They have all the "inmates" that could not make bail appear in the court room via a tv circuit.  They are the first to go infront of the judge.

Mostly public intoxications, DUI's etc.

This one guy gets in front of the camera. "Mr.So & So, you are accused of public intoxication and resisting arrest, how do you plea?"

"I'm innocent your Honor.  Those police officers threw me up against the car in front of my woman!  Made me look like a fool in front or her.  What was I suppose to do, let them get away with it? No sir, I'm innocent."

"Well, in that case we will have to hold you over for trial", the judge responded, "Other wise, if you were guilty, I could have released you for time served."

"I'M GUILTY YOUR HONOR"  The whole court room erupted into laughing, including the judge.

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