Friday, October 17, 2003

Just wondering

I guess I have caught journal fever.  I love to finally have a few moments to log on and check out all the journals that I have found to be interesting.  There are so many of them to choose from.  And  its so much fun to run across a true gem.

I'm not entirely sure why any of us are taking the chance of putting our lives out there for others, virtual strangers, to share.  I have been a "journalist" practically since the beginning of time.  I remember my first diary.  It was a small book, with a red velvet heart on the front cover, and a key to lock its secrets away.  When I was a little older, I read a book, "The World of Henry Orient" and from that point on, my diaries turned into "bibles".  Sometime in 1979, I burned everyone of them in the fireplace at my parents.  What I would give to have them now.

They are so personal.  And I doubt that this on line experience will ever take the place of my bibles, for my eyes only.  So, why am I attempting this?  To try and see if I have the slightest ability to write?  To give my life some sort of pathetic meaning looking for the approval of strangers? 

I've been reading a lot of the journals and finding a sort of circle exists.  The same journals are on the "journal lists" of so many.  To break away and seek out some fresh stuff....let's hope this is what the Vivian People's Choice Awards will deliver to us.  We can't look towards the daily top five anylonger.  I just hope that the "circle" will open up enough to look outside and see the rest of us.

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whomever711 said...

The important thing is that you caught the fever, seems to me.  I did paper journals sporadically.  for some reason, I am addicted to this type maybe for the same reason I liked having a deadline-- for the feeling that maybe someone expects an entry?  guess who the someone is?


and i love the contacts I've made, too, of course-- through silly things like people's choice awards, and even checking on Technorati, to find out some surprising links I didn't even know existed.  If I don't read at least one new journal a day, i don't feel like I've "done my job."  

I only burned one of my journals (not a diary, a "poetry" repositroy)-- and I still could kick myself for doing so.