Sunday, November 16, 2003

Bipolar relationship

The above picture is by Kenneth Josephson, called Matthew and is part of an exhibit titled, "Visions from America : Photographs from the Whitney Museum of American Art". Now showing at the University of Kentucky Art Museum.

Why Kentucky gets all this cool stuff is baffling, perhaps it is thought we desperately need the culture!

I loved the above shot and was thrilled it was available as a post card. So it should be okay to post here with credit.

The exhibit  was spectacular.I even wrote down some of my impressions.  One of the attendants accosted me and releived me of my pen and replaced it with a pencil.  Sad world we live in.

I went alone because I knew Joe would not enjoy looking at a bunch of old photographs for an hour.  Its amazing that we really have so little in common. Our tastes in music differ.  Our ideas of recreation differ.  I love to hike and camp.  His idea of camping out is a motel room with no cable.  Yet, it works for us.  I finally learned the key to any realationship is acceptance and tolerance.

And this advice from my younger sister....She gave up on romantic love several years into her marriage to Karl.  She has no illusions that if she and Karl were shipwrecked and survived on a lifeboat with his three brothers and one person had to would be her!

So much for romantic illusions.



chefgracegeorge said...

Any time you want to go to a museum, camping, or to a Stone's concert~ you just call me!

mlraminiak said... are men, and we are...women. It seems like when God creates a relationship, She always builds in a hefty amount of opposition. Maybe just to remind us that men and women ARE different!! Lisa :-]