Thursday, November 20, 2003


I was one of the over 100,000 people who attended the 99th running of the Kentucky Derby in 1973.  Secretariat beat his noble adversary Sham that day to be the only horse to run the Derby in under two minutes.   Thirty years later, the record still stands.  Every so often the track is rated fast, the field is worthy and we all hold our breath to see if Big Red's record will fall.  So far, it has held.

That day so many years ago, is the only time I have actually been a part of history. I actually was there and witnessed an event that they still talk about.  This summer the movie Seabiscuit was released and there was much ballyhoo concerning who was the greatest horse..Seabiscuit or War Admiral?  Actually, it was Seabiscuit...but the real question is who is the greatest Big Red, Secretariat or Man-O-War? (Seabiscuits' Grandpa).

You live in central Kentucky and you will actually discuss this.

100,000 people at Churchill Downs.  Mostly drunken college students, babyboomers, hippies,  freaks, straights, and frat boys...and streakers.  Yes, I remember the streaker that went up the flag pole and dropped his pants!  Then he would not come down. The police were waiting for him at the bottom. I saw the streakers run, but not the horses.  One of the greatest moments in Thoroughbred Racing History. And I was there.

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chefgracegeorge said...

I was there, too! Though I was only 7~ I remember the streaker much more than the actual race! Good Times.