Monday, November 24, 2003

Day in Infamy

Last evening Joe and I were at his brothers and watching the movie Pearl Harbor on a big big screen tv with surround sound.  The scenes of the actual attack were too much for me.  I am too sensitive, or too empathic, or soft watch let alone be entertained by blood and guts.  So I gave him the head signal and thank God he was able to tear himself away to leave.

"A day that will live in infamy", he said as we got into the car.

It made me think of my day of infamy, or should I rephrase to my Date of Infamy/Date of good&evil. It is August 3rd.

Every word of this is true.  My first kiss was delivered to me on Aug 3rd by one DA in a "borrowed" red bug volkwagon.  Along for the ride is my great gal-pal Gayle. who made out in the back seat with Louie.  Both had braces.  No lock-up to report. We referred to this as "The Red Bug Day" ever since.  Time was negotiated from before the Red Bug Day, to after the Red Bug Day.

I got my drivers license on Aug 3rd.

I had a near fatal accident on Aug. 3rd.  I totaled my Pinto and almost totaled myself.  Five broken bones, one of which was my jaw.  Not the greatest way to lose weight.

I had my daughter Bridget on Aug. 3rd. Mom to this day thinks B's birthday is Aug. 2nd, but its the 3rd.

I completed my last class at Uof Louisville on August 3rd.

I met Joe on Aug 3rd.

We had a seperation after one major falling out five years later on Aug. 3rd.

So, when Aug 3rd rolls around I pay attention!



yakima127 said...

I'm sorry, but that is UNBELIEVABLE! I DO believe it, but, boy, how weird is that?

sonensmilinmon said...

That is very wierd ... but, I do believe!
Smilin Mon

dymphna103 said...

remember when aug 3rd rolls around it is the 2nd somewhere and the 4th somewhere else the 3rd doesnt exist...john

ondinemonet said...

Oh my! Well, this is my first visit to your journal and already we have something in common...My special day is December 10th, in fact I plan to do a special entry on that day...if all goes well...LOL. Its good to know I am not alone. :)

mlraminiak said...

For me, it's not a date, but names that have woven their way through my life. Every guy I've ever known whose name was "Tom" was an ***hole, and every guy I've met with the name "Frank" was an authority figure in my dad's name was Frank. I've had three different bosses named Frank. Weird, eh? :-]

karynetaylor said...

That is soooo freaky! I mean the part about having a husband who completely understands and respects the head nod & left with you ... I wonder if I have that? Oh, also, the date thing. Too weird. A day for memorable things for you. 8-3. hmmm.

~ Karyn