Saturday, November 8, 2003

Dirty Little Secrets

I was thinking this morning that I was  relieved to find people with similiar interests among the journal pages.  It makes me feel better regarding what I consider to be my dirty little secrets.

For example, I love Survivor!  Must see tv.  I never have the winner.  First season, I loved Coleen. Second season, it was Kentucky Joe (duh).  Then it was Lex, then Cathy.  I never win.  This season I am totally crazy about Rupert. that means he will not win.  I wonder why I love this show and WILL NOT MISS IT.  Joe has his opipion about this...that I'm crazy.  I'm not addicted to any other reality show, just give me Survivor.

I love cemeteries, see the above.  Lexington Cemetery, final resting place of many dignitaries including Henry Clay and King Solomon.  King Solomon was a slave who, in the early 1800's, was not stricken by cholera when the disease ravaged the Lexington community.  He almost single handedly nursed and buried the town during the plague.  He subsequently was freed and given an elegant monument when he died. Perhaps the first black man buried in this cemetary.

I love old music.  This is a total reversal of a founding member of the MTV  generation.  I'm listening to the music my parents like.  Such as Duke Ellington, swing music, and my total knock me out fav, John Coletrane.

I love Eminem.  My daughter is a big fan and dragged me to "8 Mile".  Loved it. Very Rockyesque.

I love Martha Stewart. 

Back in the '70's I would have been content to marry and raise a family.  Instead I become a single unmarried parent with a  business major. Typical working woman of the late 20th century.

I'm sure I have lots more, but I'm thinking of a small farm with a small green house with flowers and plants everywhere.  The life that I might have had. Married to someone like .......Alice Cooper.

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mlraminiak said...

You would love my house...we live right next to a cemetery. A little churchyard at the back of the Catholic church. You and Alice could settle right in! :-]