Friday, November 21, 2003

Univ. of KY Basketball Fever

Tonight begins the offical basketball season. Once again we begin on a journey that hopfully takes us home to the Final Four, and then we bring home the NCAA bragging rights...again.

Which brings to mind one of the best UK games I ever watched (or not watched). I have this good buddy named Greg.  If I want to forget my troubles and go have some fun, I go look up Greg and say, "Lets go get into trouble". And he is there for me.

After the longest dry spell in UK history, we finally got into the final game for the Championship. Greg and I decided to go downtown Lexington, to the Radisson to watch the game on the big screen and be part of the "happening".

Was it ever happening!  The hotel had a convention area dedicated to the huge crowd that arrived with big screen tv's. We elected, and arrived early enough, to secure a spot at the downstairs bar.  The game beings after 9pm to accomdate the west coast, so you can imagine how early we arrived.

The bar was packed. Everyone was drinking heavily because UK was blowing it.  People were so crushed together that we all became intimate at sometime during the evening.  People I had not seen for years somehow found me, and my glorious, coveted spot at the bar.  I was handing drinks to people, taking orders...hell, I should have been paid for all my efforts.

At some point I crossed the line and consumed too much.  Things get hazy.  We were behind, we caught up....hell, we won! The crowd went crazy.  And I mean CRAZY.  We rushed out on the street and everyone was dancing, cheering, crying, singing and just going NUTS.  The curse was broken.

The next morning Greg calls me. "Hey, Mary..did your mother by chance tape the ball game?' He, like me, knew we had won it, but it sure was going to be nice to be able to actually see the ball game.


dymphna103 said...

That sounds like a nice time. The history of KY is great...john

chefgracegeorge said...

So, this wouldn't be a good time to yell, "Go IU"?!