Monday, November 17, 2003

Boy Toy

I don't really know when it started.  Maybe when I was first attending college at Murray State University in the most Western part of the state.  I became enamored with motorcycles and the men who drove them.  The first was a guy named Terry Lax.  He was a Murray local.  He was older...probably around 26. He had a beautiful chopper.

Then came John K. He attended school at Murray where I met him.  Had a very long relationship that ended very badly.  He had a BMW.

Then Chris C. from Louisville while I was living there.  He had a very expensive, powerful, fast Honda.

Then Danny Joe from Somerset.  He had a Harley. Need I say more?.

Joe has had a new motorcycle about every two years.  The one before this last one was a NightHawk. It had a custom paint job. A firey red phoenix.

Last year he sold it and scaled down to the above Suzaki..

My co-worker and friend Art  is also a bike rider and collector.  His arsenal includes a Ducati, Honda's, and a Buell for his wife.  So, Art askes me, "What kind of bike did Joe buy?"

"Oh, I don't know. Some sort of Cock Rocker."  Of course I meant Crotch Rocket. Art, who was driving, almost ran off the road he was laughing so hard. 

Ever since then Art will ask me, "How is Joe's Cock Rocker?".  Its a damn good thing I'm a good sport and would never consider harassment charges!

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sonensmilinmon said...

OMG, that sounds like something I would say!! my man has a street bike but, his love is the dirt bikes ... so, I guess we don't have cock rockers in the GARAGE!!! LOL that was too funny!
Smilin Mon