Saturday, November 22, 2003

Success in the Archives

In tribute to the release of "Cat in the Hat" I have searched through all my "stuff" for my Dr. Seuss letter.

I wish I could clear it up better...maybe I need to play around with it more...This letter and picture from Dr. Seuss was sent to my brother Ned and myself in 1963!  We were so thrilled.  Thank God my Mom saved it (the pack rat gene was transferred to me from her).

I read "Hop on Pop" to Bridget no less than one million times.  When I would say, "Let's read a book", she would scurry to her book case and invariably bring that book to me. Her favorite part was "No, No, Must not Hop On Pop"..she laughed every time!  I miss Bridget being three years old. 


yakima127 said...

How sweet! I know what you mean about missing the three year olds...
Thanks for visiting me! Your journal is great! I will be back!

sonensmilinmon said...

Roberts favorite was green eggs and ham, he was just talking it about it yesterday! He's 19, and I miss them at that age too! My other son liked the one with the fishes ~ couldn't get enough of them! :)
Smilin Mon

mw15mw99 said...

What a special memory!