Thursday, March 23, 2006

......And I will sing a lullaby


Bridget and Tinkerbelle

While reading Coming to Terms with Middle Age by one of my favorite authors on AOL, Lisa, I saw where she has a wonderful idea of listing ten good things that happened to her over the past week. She is going to repeat this exercise every Monday. An call it TEN GOOD THINGS WEEKLY.

I think this is a great idea and I am going to join in and do it too!

Most this stuff happened last week. I noticed that I began with the most current stuff and worked backwards. So I rearranged it from the last week end through this past one. I'll play more fair this Monday!!

1)  I got to finally meet Tinkerbelle! The grand baby. She is beautiful and I have fallen in love immediately!

2) I got to see my baby Bridget and spend time with Mom and Dad and most of the rest of the family.

3) I sent the pictures of the St. Paddy Parade in Louisville to my sis and her husband, who neglected to bring a camera. My B-I-L left a message on my cell phone that said, "I wouldn't trade two brother in laws for one you."  It really touched me. So sweet.

4) I was im-ing with my long lost gal pal K. for hours one evening! Catching up on people and girl stuff.

5) I got that wonderful Nikon Digital SLR camera I have wanted for a long time!!

6) My boss D. is a great guy. I am realizing how good he is...for me. He does not let SH** run downhill. He does not call you into the office and close the door when you have screwed up. It is a real change from the Lex. office.

7) University of Kentucky almost beat U-Conn Sunday. There were moments that I thought it just might happen! That it was going to happen! My brackets are ruined! I should know better than to ever count out the SEC teams! Never doubt they will make it past the first round!  I shot myself in the foot.

8) The week-end in Cleveland and the Saw Doctor concert.

9) My fabulous sister Omega. For a birthday present to me she burnt several Irish CD's and I am having the best time listening to all this new music.

10)  Joe....the other night he was channel surfing and called tome, "The Buena Vista Social Club" is on Sundance. I had no idea that a documentary had been made describing the men and the music behind the Grammy winning album.

It was absolutely wonderful to see the faces of the men who made this music that I love so much and play all the time. And I do mean all the time!

The music is so sweet and so old school. I love them all, but Ibrahim Ferrer has stolen my heart. He is referred to as the Nat King Cole of Cuba. His voice is like silk.

As I looked over at Joe....he was out like a light.

That type of music is like a lullaby to him. He had to start watching Lost in Translation at least three times before he stopped falling asleep to the dreamy music.

This is a wonderful exercise to focus on the good things in your life. The tiny things (and at times not so tiny) that make up the sum of a life.


my78novata said...

ah good on metting the grandbaby you will Im sure make it rotten more so than it already is but thats your job granny lol

nellemclaughlin said...

Is this Bridget's baby? I feel confused. LOL Love the list, great idea and that was a spectacular week for you. One of my favorite CDS I listen to is Irish Pub songs.
If you don't have that I would burn one for you and send it. :) Nelle

suzypwr said...

The picture didn't come through before - adorable!


tc01hm said...

I would say that you had a very full and fulfilling week. Good Stuff!

lightyears2venus said...

This list is bursting with joy and is a delight to read.  I can hardly wait to be a granma (but I don't tell my kids that).  

lisaram1955 said...

Isn't this fun?  Lisa  :-]

paisleyskys said...

Ahhhhhhhh they are exactly how i would picture your girls to look. Happy and joy....Tinkerbell is a doll!