Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Monday Photo Assignment

Your Bookshelf

Could not resist this challenge. I grabbed the camera and snapped my small (one and only) stash of books in the house. The remainer of my book collection (obsession?) rests in the storage area I have been forced to rent!!!

You can see my...Italian addiction, Irish addiction, travel addiction...those who I love on top, and my old Nikon F camera in the left bottom corner.



suzypwr said...

I have no idea where my books will go when I move - I currently have built in bookshelves on either side of my fireplace. I will sorely miss that. I designed that so I would have the shelves for my books. I have no idea where other people keep books - what room is that in?


coy1234787 said...

It seems that most of us that are writers (even bloggers)
usually have a close connection to our books. I remember
posting a photo of some of my books once and getting the
most interesting comments from fellow J=Landers.

Maybe I should look it up and repost it in celebration of
this Monday photo shoot.

Have a good week ahead.
                                              *** Coy ***

dcmeyer420 said...

I have Jewel and An Italian Education. Jwel is a sad book but Italian Education is full of  funny expat's faux pas. I know what you mean by having to rent a storage. I live in an apartment right now and half of my possession is in storage.  

my78novata said...

neat pic my book shelf was special made its six feet tall and four feet wide. solid wood. I love it.

flossiepumpkin said...


mavarin said...

Some of the titles are intriguing - as is most of what's on the top shelf.  - Karen

ryanagi said...

LOL The only book we have in common is The South Beach Diet. ;-)

readmereadyou said...

Books have taken over my life. I have them on book shelves, in nightstands, in book racks, on top of my closet, in bedroom dresser drawers.....I have to let gooooo! LOL!

delela1 said...

Storage unit for the books.  Been there...unfortunately I just donated a couple of boxes to the local library; got to spread the good words.


blondepennierae said...

I wouldn't know how to live without books in every room.  I am a voracious reader.  I learned that from my mother, father, and being born before TV was acceptable in every room.  When my mother went partially blind and couldn't read any more she went a bit looney, especially when I was around.  I often wonder if that would happen to me too.

I've had a very enjoyable afternoon going back and reading all of your entries that I have missed.  thanks, Pennie  

lightyears2venus said...

After browsing your books, I was drawn to the little action figure in the box.  I ordered the Jane Austen Action Figure online last night and can hardly wait to present it to my daughter.  It holds Pride and Prejudice in one hand and a removable quill in the other.  We use old cameras and action figures for bookends, too: XFiles, Star Wars, and the Bucky O'Hare collection which one of us lugs around as lovingly as all the books whenever we move. Every once in great while Fahrenheit 451 comes to my mind and I try to imagine memorizing an entire book.  Long live not only books but bookshelves.  

helmswondermom said...

To show you how book-crazy I am --  I just spent two minutes trying to read the titles of your books in the picture!