Monday, March 13, 2006

How I spent my Week-end

First leg of the Triple Crown

I have never run a race in the middle of a thunder storm. It was pretty crazy and thrilling. I figured in the midst of 5,000 people, that lightening strike was not going to hit me.

Bridget and I got there early because I had yet to pick up my packet and running chip. It was like a ghost town, with very few people milling about. I warmed up walking around the concourse of the baseball field keeping an eye on the light show going on above the Ohio River to the North.

As we lined up to begin the race, the heaven opened up and everyone was drenched. We chanted, "START THE RACE!!! START THE RACE". And they started the race!
It poured at times, it drizzled at times. I overheard a runner imitating Forrest Gump, "Sometimes it was stinging rain!!!" as the water hit us straight in the face coming in hard from the North!

Despite the lightening and the OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHINNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG and AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHINNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG when the flashes and cracks were particularly close, it was wonderful and exhilarating.

I ran the whole way and had a terrible race time. Humiliating race time. Demoralizing race time.

Yet, I loved every minute of it.

On to the 10k (six miles) in two weeks. This time, I am going to practice more.


lightyears2venus said...

It was exhilirating reading this.  Unbelievable.  Congratulations on finishing!!  Hope all went well with Joe's "challenge".

nellemclaughlin said...

YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It isn't about the time or's that you DID IT. :)

artloner said...

LOL...You are AMAZING!  I am so proud of you. "it was sting rain..."


mavarin said...

Yow!  What an experience that must have been.  Good for you! -Karen

sunnyside46 said...

hey you ran the whole way!

shadierush said...

You RAN the whole way? I would have had to crawl after half a mile!

suzypwr said...

You can blame the time on the thunderstorm! It slowed you down. Your clothes got heavier from being wet and were harder to run with. Etc.....Good job for running the whole race!


yakima127 said...

You are amazing!  Good job!  JAE

sunflowerkat321 said...

Sitting here in my warn dry sounds MISERABLE.  But I'm sure in real life, the energy and camaraderie was exhilerating.  Good for you!!!!

helmswondermom said...

You were here Saturday?  I elected not to work it this year because of plans with my daughter (plus I'm giving a lot to the company as it is).  Yes, I work for the company that sponsors that first leg of the triple crown.  (Ssshhh.  We can't mention the name here.)  At least I do until the end of June!