Sunday, October 30, 2005


October 24, Monday - Day Five

We laid out our pallets, lit our candles and laid down. One of Papa's sons took out his MP3 player and attached speakers. Now we had music. We fell asleep listening to the sweet sounds of Mexican music.

We slept the collective sleep of the dead. None of us had more than several hours of rest in the past three nights.

Then it was Monday. Jeannie has been reunited with her lost friend. Thank God she was okay. We found her immediately upon our arrival at LaSalle. Me, Joe, Jeannie, Dave and Leona took off to find a phone. Even though my cell phone continued to work thanks to everyone contributing their Motorola batteries when one would run out. We were able to call out! I had the only phone that worked! I let everyone use it. I figure I will catch Cingular's ear and tell them the story and hopefully they will waive my charges....maybe they will give me cell service free for life in exchange for the testimony!

But I was unable to get through to Bridget. We waited in line for over an hour. Joe and Jeannie returned to the compound, Leona and I stayed in line and Dave watched over us. It was my turn. I had my phone card ready to go. And the phone went dead!

That was the only time I came to tears. Leona was able to reach her daughter on the other phone. She was kind enough to ask her to call my old friends in Lexington and have them call my new employer in Ft. Wayne.

I was suppose to start my job on this day, Monday October 24th!! We headed back to the compound and as we entered through the gates we encountered people returning from the Hotel District with their luggage.

They had hired a taxi driver to take them. We did not even need to communicate with words, Dave, Joe and I headed to the large intersection to find a taxi!


artloner said...

We are alike it that aspect: I do great in Horrible, Catastrophic situations *guess thats why I worked in the ER & ICU units...LOL) but be nice to me during or right after, and I WILL cry.  Every time.  I think is the only way to release the stress.


freeepeace said...

Yay for Cingular.  Boo for dead phone. :(

Have to say though, it makes the story that much more compelling...just when I thought it couldn't get any more exciting.

::perk::  luggage?

randlprysock said...

OMGosh about the starting job missed date.  Hope that it worked out when you returned home.  Hugs,

deabvt said...


belfastcowboy75 said...

Back to finish...yowzah