Sunday, October 30, 2005


SIX DAYS IN CANCUN - Day Four - The lost 200

We were the last of the RUI group to be found. The military brought in buses for us. Once again, we gathered our plastic bags and stood in line. The first bus was filled and took off. When the second bus arrived we decided to walk to the front of the school and exit through the broken fence rather than wade through the dirty water.

The second bus was filled! No more room! The military Sergeant turned toward the traffic that was patiently waiting for us to leave and commandeered a VW van directly behind the bus! Two young Mexican males offered no resistance and allowed twelve of us to board their vehicle. It was a tight squeeze. So overflowing was the human cargo, that the back doors would not shut, so the military took heavy duty vinyl twine and tied Dave and another gentleman in!

We followed the bus through the streets of devastation. The bus was able to plow through the high standing water on the flooded streets. Our driver could not and had to be more creative. At one point he drove on the higher ground, which happened to be the sidewalk. There was a roar from us on the bus as the front end went over the curb then another as the back followed!

We turned down alleys, through parking lots, over crushed glass and debris, on sidewalks and any surface that would allow us passage and to catch up with the bus.

Our fearless driver deposited us at the LaSalle, minutes behind the bus.

We were the last of the lost to be delivered. 




The Commandeered Duo.




Scene outside the bus.


mosie1944 said...

I did an entry sending folks here; this is an amazing, first-person story that I think will be of interest to everybody.

gaboatman said...

And at the end of this harrowing ride you ended up where you knew the conditions would be horrible, the LaSalle School again.  Looking forward to days five and six.

krobbie67 said...

Wow! I'm stunned! :-) ---Robbie

freeepeace said...

Gripping all the way through.  Twine to hold the men in!  Amazing.  I see a screenplay before my eyes.

sunflowerkat321 said...

This is just such an incredible experience/story.  I'm at a loss for words.

deabvt said...