Sunday, October 30, 2005


Day Five  - The Maestro

We stood in the middle of the intersection and tried to hail a taxi. It seemed the city was waking from a long slumber. People were moving again. Taxi's were at a premium. Dave was able to flag one to pull over. He had a fare in the front seat, but agreed to take us to the Hotel District! We climbed into the back and took off.

He spoke broken English. He told us only four people were reported dead in Cancun by the Hurricane. Three in a gas explosion, and one had a tree fall on them. He told us the Airport was very bad, no tower and flooded. Yet, it was expected to be re-opened by Thursday! He sadly told us the beach was gone. And no Cerveza!!

He was going to take the long route to the Hotel District. We were absorbed into long lines of traffic. This did not deter him. He drove on the sidewalks and in the wrong lanes making the oncoming traffic pull to the right. If it was two lanes traveling forward, he made it three by squeezing in between vehicles going too slow for his liking. He used his horn like a refined musical instrument. He was a maestro! He only had to back up and retrace his steps once!

We were greeted by the "welcome to Cancun" sign laying half in the street, the other half in the medium. We laughed at this, a bizarre sight. The palm trees were sheared in half. Coconuts and palm leaves covered the medium. The new construction that was being put up would have to be restarted. It lay in ruins as if some big giant had bent the steel every which way. Many parts of the road were flooded, but he bravely drove through.

I think he was enjoying himself!

He pointed to the hotels as we passed, "Finiquito." I wish I knew the Spanish for "very sad".

Dave went to his hotel first and the taxi driver waited with Joe and me downstairs. He was inside for 20 minutes.

Then to our hotel. I will let the pictures tell the story. The beautiful glass lobby was a pile of rubble. There were many people inside. A hotel worker got a flashlight and led us up the four flights of stairs to our corner room.

And I wanted to fall to my knees to give thanks. Our luggage was sound and dry, sitting in the bath tub, covered in towels, awaiting our return!


tc01hm said...

Yes, the little bits of sanity are the best rewards! What a score!

my78novata said...

This has been the most awesome story. should be a movie

krobbie67 said...

It's been a few years since I've been anywhere in Mexico but it sounds as if the Maestro was driving like it was a 'normal' day. ;-)

:::sigh of relief:::: So glad you were able to get to your belongings! :-) ---Robbie

nellemclaughlin said...

I am so glad that you were able to retrieve your luggage........was wondering did you take passports with you when evacuated?

artloner said...

I can't imagine.

freeepeace said...

Yay for the luggage!  

gaboatman said...

Thank goodness for creative cab drivers in foreign countries!  Great news about the luggage.

belfastcowboy75 said...

You probably could use a bathtub yourself by now....