Sunday, October 30, 2005


Day Six - The Road to Merida

Joe and I must have been the last to arrive at the caravan pulled over to the side of the highway. We were rushed over and pushed into a cargo van, not the luxury bus. The van was already full to capacity.

Joe and I were cool. After all, we had just survived a Category 5 Hurricane. To crowd into a van for three hours....piece of cake.

I wish that was the story. The group of seven people already in the van had just gone through the Hurricane together. We were once again the intruders. They were nice enough, but the van was now very crowded and all our stories out trumped their stories.

You know how it is after a Category 5 Hurricane.

Joe and I decided to just be quiet and listen to them talk among themselves. Actually they were very nice.

We drove South at first. We came into a tourist town called Tulum which had to be legendary for its scuba diving taking into account all the shops on the main street. Our drive, Speedy Gonzales....actually Fernando Gonzales....pulled over to a taco stand in the middle of the town.

Everyone piled out and we immediately got ice cold 16 ounce bottles of Coca Cola handed to us with a straw. The first cold drinks we had had in six days! The most delicious sensation imaginable.

Everyone had tacos. Real authentic Mexican tacos. I decided that I was going to continue on the Cancun diet for awhile. No food just tuna. Lots of water if you have a working toilet. Minimal water if you do not.

And it is a good thing. Montezuma got his revenge on several of them a little later on.

The three hour trip was another one of the Smurf's sick little tricks on the silly tourists. Because the main regular road, which was a three hour trip, was flooded out, we had to take the long way. The back roads.

The nine hour trip.


suzypwr said...

Tulum is also well known for having Mayan ruins. They are not as extensive and well preserved as Chichen Itza, but they are on the water and Chichen Itza is in the jungle.


krobbie67 said...

"Montezuma got his revenge on several of them a little later on."

Heeehheehhee... I was thinking the same thing as I read this. Thankfully, you are smarter. But...nine hours!! Jeeze. And, it's not over yet.

:-) --- Robbie ---

artloner said...

That's why ANDI will NEVER return to Cancun.  Ever. Never. Never.



freeepeace said...

Another beautiful picture.

Nine hours.  Oh my.  Smart about the water.

dbp2000 said...

Grrrrooooaaaaannnnnn ..... 9 hours?  After all of this???


my78novata said...

man it is just getting aweful isnt dont know waht to expect

gaboatman said...

Nine hours in that crowded van with some of the passengers suffering the revenge?  Ughhh!

belfastcowboy75 said...

Smart idea not to keep trumping their stories. Nine hours is a long time.

mtrib2 said...

Great photo of the Mexican children.   It is the expression on the little girls face that is so enlightening.   You captured a great moment.   I ate a soup in Cholula, Puebla next to the Universidad de las Americas where I was a student.   The soup was inexpensive and I would go into the shop after purchasing my bowl from the street vendor lady, and buy some queso (cheese).   We drank liquodos for breakfast which is one or two raw eggs mixed with fruit and milk and sugar then blended making a frothey type shake.   I hope to write about Mexico at lenght as you suggested to me.        mark