Saturday, October 29, 2005


Once we made the turn and could see into the Back Porch it became apparent they were loading us onto buses. Where were we being taken? Destination unknown. Maybe across the street. No one knew a thing. We just wanted out of the gym.
Outside the doors, leading to the waiting buses, lined up on both sides were the Civil Protection unit all dressed in identical yellow slickers forming a human wall to protect us from the surging winds and driving rains. One Yellow Slicker grabbed our bag of possessions. He ran along with us to the bus and once aboard, he handed over our bag. We had been ordered to leave behind our blankets and pallets. There was not enough room on the buses to remove us all quickly if we carried too much with us. I did manage to smuggle out a large plastic black bag! I was using it as a rain coat.
Joe and I were the last on the bus. I sat behind the driver, Joe sat next to Dave. Our bus pulled out and began to follow the bus in front of us. Immediately there were problems. The driver of the bus ahead of us was much more cautious than our bus driver felt was necessary. We had a Yellow Slicker ride shot gun on the bus and our driver continuously sent him out to yell at the other bus driver for him.
The first bus would come upon flooded out streets and slowly make his way through the high water. When it was our turn, we crashed through at breakneck speed immediately catching up with the first bus.
We drove through Cancun as the Hurricane began to make her entrance. People were still walking down the streets, faces silently watched us pass from open windows in concrete buildings. Trees were bending, lines were down, debris was flying all around us.
Ahead of us the other bus stopped. An entire section of a roof must have blown off and landed in the street breaking into many parts. The first bus carefully and cautiously drove over the sheets of metal as several more Yellow Slickers appeared and began to help. It made it! Now our turn.
Our bus driver threw it into gear and began to drive over the metal with all caution thrown to the howling winds. There was a hurricane after us!!! He made it! And quickly! Suddenly we heard the sound of one of the sheets of metal hung up and being dragged under us. We stopped and the Yellow Slickers, now four of them, began to yank and pull the metal free. The sound of airbrakes hissed loudly. Joe asked me to check over the drivers shoulder and see if the brake light was on. He worried the brakes may have been severed.
The Check Engine Soon light was glowing.
A Yellow light was on....
And the Green Left Turn Signal was flashing on and on.
This made me smile.
We continued on, the windshield wipers almost worthless against the barrage of rain. We once again quickly caught up with the first bus. I realized we were no longer on commercial  streets, but had entered the neighborhoods. The bus in front of us stopped at what appeared to be a car port and people were exiting the bus. They began to run like hell into the storm.
We continued on. Still following the bus in front of us. Down narrow flooded streets. Finally making a tight left turn into a much narrower street and stopping at an entrance. The Yellow Slickers waited until the first bus disembarked then turned towards was our turn.
Joe had our plastic bag. I ran like hell behind him and the Yellow Slicker. We ran into a compound that was surrounded by a concrete wall, we rounded a turn and headed left. Down a passage till we arrived at an open door. We rushed in, followed by 22 other people.
Our second shelter. This is where we rode out the hurricane.



xzasporated1 said...

Now here I am, worried about you, wondering if you'll make it out alive.  Then I realize you're writing the thing.  So I guess you do.


~~ jennifer

my78novata said...

wellIM glad I know alredy you are here and safe. or I would be wworried

memes121 said...

Wow. I just discovered your journal and went back to read the beginning of this. What an amazing story.

tc01hm said...

I had seen an interview with some newly weds that were in the school. They left there in the height of the storm. Must have been tough to evacuate as the building is coming apart.

dcmeyer420 said...

Got gooseflesh right now. I am reliving the time when I rode I van with my son instead of leaving the area. I learned my lesson and I have no qualms about leaving everything to be away from a hurricane. I'm glad you and Joe lived to tell your tales. Happy Halloween to you and yours!  

readmereadyou said...

My best friend's daughter lives in Cancun.....She didn't evacuate knowing it was coming and she's so sorry now. She's fine though. She may come back until everything is repaired.
I'm going to read your previous entry.
Hope all is well now.

txsguinan said...

Holy Cliffhanger, Mary!  I'm riveted.  I can't stand it; I have to know RIGHT NOW!

How's that bottle of tequila holding up?

blondepennierae said...

A great story!  Can hardly wait for the next entry.  Pennie

freeepeace said...

Whooooooosh...I'm completely on edge.  Hooked!

belfastcowboy75 said...

Gimme that tequila, Gigi, you already had your share.